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There are several common questions my organizing clients have and I am here to share the questions and my answers to these questions.  
1. Why can't I get organized?

I actually answered this question in complete detail in my last newsletter.  If you missed it, here is a link to it:  

A follow up question is "Why can't I get organized without you (meaning me, the professional organizer)"?  The answer is-sometimes we all need an accountability partner, an encourager, someone to show you where to begin and how to keep moving.   

2.  How long should I keep boxes to things I have purchased?

Everyone has a different comfort level about how long to keep a box. I personally, don't keep them long if at all....surprised?  If you have an item under warranty, put the date of warranty end on the box and discard after that date.  Keep the box of any item you would like to use for moving.  Other than that, I suggest discarding most boxes. 

How do I know what paper to keep and for how long?

This is a constant battle with most of us, keeping the paper under control.  As I've said before you, you have to ruthless about what you keep and you have to schedule time to gain control over the paper flow.   Record Keeping - Suze Orman will take you to a document that comes directly from Suze Orman's website regarding what to keep and for how long.  Deal with a stack of paper for about 15-30 minutes a day and start purging paper you know you do not need. 
Soon, all the old paper will be dealt with and you can focus on systems to keep the new paper coming in manageable and contained.  
4.  How can I sell my "stuff"?


Here is what I know about your "stuff".  

  • Most of it is less valuable than you think.  
  • The worth of something is only what someone is willing to pay for it. Many times it is better to donate and take the tax deduction rather than spend the time and effort to sell it.  
  • We all want to get more when we sell our stuff and want to pay less when we are buying someone else's stuff.  
If you want to sell an item, you need to know the real value of the item, you need to find a way to sell it on Craigslist, through a newspaper ad, word of mouth, Facebook or on a local yard sale site. You need to have good photos, accurate information about the item and a safe place to meet a person when it is sold.  

5.  How do I know what to get rid of and what to keep? 

First of all you need to know what you want your space to look and feel like.  Once you know that, keep it in mind while you are making decisions. 
  • Keep what you really need and will use
  • Keep things that serve more than one purpose
  • Keep what holds special value to you & makes your heart smile
  • Keep just enough - not the superfluous
  • Don't keep just because it was given to you
  • Don't keep things that hold bad memories
  • Don't keep things out of guilt
It is not an easy process and I can guarantee you will get rid of something you will want or need later, but I can also guarantee it won't be the end of the world.  

What organizing question do you have?  


Being free from stuff is just as much about freeing yourself from the emotional baggage as it is freeing yourself from the physical baggage.  Holding on to hurts, resentments, regrets, anger, shame, and fears will do just that, hold you back from living your best life now.  

Today is the day........begin to let go of the "junk" that is holding you back and free your hands to reach for bigger and better things.  
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