Issue No. 227 | Sep. 2, 2021
Strengthening American capacity for effective engagement
俗语 from Xi Jinping's Speeches
yī láo yǒng yì

Meaning: to get something done once and for all

Original: 形成坚定理想信念,既不是一蹴而就的,也不是一劳永逸的,而是要在斗争实践中不断砥砺、经受考验。

Source: On September 1st, Xi Jinping delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of a training program for young and middle-aged officials at the Central Party School in Beijing.
This week we recommend reading the 环球网 summary of the 21st meeting of the Central Commission for Comprehensively Deepening Reform, held on the afternoon of August 30th.

It's important to pay attention to the theme of common prosperity (共同富裕). Lots of new policies are coming out of Beijing these days, but it is important to see the forest for the trees and pay attention to the high-level framing.

The idea of common prosperity is not new, but it is increasingly important. According to Bloomberg, the term has been used in Xi's speeches or meetings 65 times this year (Economist).
Watch & Listen
Watching (or just listening) to Chinese shows is an excellent way to keep your language brain cells active. Here are three talk shows, mainly focused on cultural and societal topics, that may be helpful tools to maintain your listening skills:

《观复嘟嘟》is a cultural talk show hosted by Ma Weidu 马未都, and is an updated version of his former show 《都嘟》. You can find audio-only episodes of 《都嘟》on Ximalaya.

We've recommended 《锵锵三人行》 before because of the breadth of topics and quality of conversation. The show is no longer running, but old episodes are available on YouTube.

老梁 is a 对话节目 that can be viewed online or simply listened to as a podcast. On a language level, this is probably the most difficult. Liang's accent is standard 北京话 and the videos provide subtitles to follow along. Most of the videos focus on history, literature, and storytelling.

Job Opportunities
The U.S.-China Commission is hiring for three positions: Director of the Security and Foreign Affairs Team, Policy Analyst on the Economics and Trade Team, and Administrative and Human Resources Assistant. These positions are excellent opportunities to join a small team of highly skilled analysts contributing to the U.S.-China policy debate in Washington.
"For the Director for Security and Foreign Affairs, we are looking for an individual with an established record of policy-relevant professional experience assessing and advising on Chinese security and foreign affairs issues to lead and manage the research, analysis, and writing of the Security and Foreign Affairs Team.
"For the Policy Analyst for Economics and Trade, we are looking for an individual with proven experience researching and writing about the U.S.-China economic relationship, and China’s economy and industrial policy."

"The Administrative and Human Resources Assistant serves in an important role at the Commission, providing essential administrative support to 12 Commissioners and a team of supporting staff."
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