April 13,

No. 95

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In this week's newsletter we focus on the recent visit of Xi Jinping, the history of U.S.-China relations, and an upcoming AMS podcast episode.

Weekly Readings

U.S. President Donald Trump's repeated emphasis on Chinese exploitation of American weakness during the campaign generated alarm that U.S.-China relations would soon be disrupted. Yet, here we are less than three months in, and Presidents Trump and Xi Jinping are meeting. Last week, two senior Asia policy officials offered a preview to the press of U.S. expectations (alas, the Chinese side did not do something similar) for the visit. Looking at the out comes described by U.S. cabinet officials and Xinhua's description of what Xi said, the question to ponder is whether or not the summit delivered.

俗语 in Xi Jinping's Speeches

qiú tóng cún yì

Meaning: to seek common ground and put aside differences; to agree to differ

Xi Jinping spent last wee k abroad, crossing off several "firsts" since becoming head of state: his first state visit to Finland, his first in-person meeting with President Trump at Mar-a-Lago, and his first meeting with Alaska's Gov. Bill Walker (though not first ever visit to Alaska). In these meetings, Xi reiterated the need for cooperation, mutual respect, and seeking common ground to achieve progress on both sides -- a message nicely summed up in the 成语"求同存异".

Original: 习近平主席同外方沟通交流过程中,善于寻找双方利益的汇合点、 政策理念的共鸣点、互补合作的契合点,倡导相互尊重、求同存异、 互利共赢。习近平主席指出,各国基本国情、历史文化、 发展阶段不尽相同, 每个国家和人民都有权选择适合自身的社会制度和发展道路。 只有符合本国实际,才是正确的发展之路。只有相互尊重包容, 才是长久的相处之道。这些表述不仅体现出中国领导人的自信, 也蕴含着和而不同的哲理,得到外方领导人的理解和认同。

Video of the Week  
In this week's video, long-time China Watcher and journalist John Pomfret discusses his book on U.S.-China relations from birth to present. As much as anything, the book is a collection of individual stories, the draw of China, and the impact these individuals had on both countries. Pomfret's telling of the issues, however, leaves tantalizing and important questions about China's interactions with America and the views of Chinese co unterparts, especially at the elite level.


UPCOMING AMS PODCAST EPISODE: After the Homework Stops: Retaining Mandarin Proficiency Throughout Your Career - Robert Daly

Although this event on April 18 is now sold out, a podcast episode featuring a recording of the event will be made available soon.

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