Year 10 Vol.  Issue 136
CUBA: The Time is Now
Just as it was aforementioned in the last issue featuring Cuba, today airline partnerships and airport expansion have become a sounding reality. New hotel chains keep on popping up throughout the island. Cuba, as a tourist destination, won the first position in the nomination ''Exotic Destinations'' by the 2016 National Geographic Traveler magazine Annual Awards. We invite you to dive in and see what Cuba has to amaze your guests.

Corporate News from CUBA
"Hola Amigo, bienvenidos a Cuba! My name is Alejandro DEBASA, and I am the Regional Managing Director for our offices in CUBA. We have been in operation here for almost two years..."

CUBA: Airlines
Thanks to the prosperous diplomatic relations that started in 2015 between Washington and Havana, it was agreed upon that as of February 2016 commercial flights would have a start.

CUBA: Golf
Beijing Enterprises Holdings Ltd, signed an agreement memo with the Cuban government last year for Bellomonte, a 462 million Golf-Condominium-Hotel project on Guanabo beach just east of Havana.

CUBA: Restauants
Paladar, is a popular name that originated on a Brazilian tv soap opera where they called a chain of restaurants Paladares, Cuba started calling their new private restaurants this way.
  (See pp. 8-10)
CUBA: Hotels
The Four Points Hotel by Sheraton in Havana was known as the Quinta Avenida Hotel. It is located near the Miramar Trade Center. Just 18 km from the San Jose International Airport, 10 km from downtown, and 12 km from Havana's colonial area, also known as Old Havana.
(See p. 11)
Let's Cook:
How to Prepare  Moros y Cristianos 

Moros y cristianos is a very popular Cuban dish. It is served at nearly every restaurant. It is a variant of the Caribbean dish, rice and beans.

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Dr. Travel
Travel Tip: Silencing Seatmates

Chatting with the person next to you may be great, but when you want to read, sleep, or think, and the person next to you is a real talker, several ways exist to   silence him or her. (See p. 17)

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