Year 10 Vol.1  Issue 142
It’s Down Time in Dominican Republic  
The Dominican Republic, one of the Caribbean's most geographically diverse countries, is characterized by stunning mountain scenery, desert shrubbery, reminiscent colonial architecture and beaches aplenty. Hundreds of miles of coastline spell out the Dominican Republic (DR) – some of it white-sand beaches screened by rows of palm trees, other parts lined dramatically with rocky cliffs, wind-swept dunes or serene mangrove lagoons. Whether it’s fishing villages where the shoreline is used for mooring boats or indulgent tourist playgrounds with aquamarine waters, the sea is the common denominator. Some of the bays and coves where pirates once roamed are the temporary home of thousands of migrating humpback whales, and part of an extensive network of parks and preserves safeguarding the country’s natural endowment.
Corporate News - Dominican Republic
Dominicans greatly appreciate their down time and really know how to enjoy themselves, as can be seen at Carnival celebrations held throughout the country and each town's own idiosyncratic fiesta. These events are windows into the culture, so take the chance to join the fun in the sun. This is what you can expect when visiting this Caribbean’s shining jewel!  (Click here to watch video clip) 
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Let's Cook: 
Mangú, A Dominican Staple Par Excellence 

MANGU! The very word makes countless Dominicans salivate. For those not acquainted with it, mangú is the Dominican breakfast par excellence. Mangú is basically boiled, mashed green plantains with olive oil and a few others ingredients but that description doesn’t properly convey the magic of this staple of Dominican gastronomy. Serve the mangú with fried cheese, eggs, and... 

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Dr. Travel's
Travel Tip: Be Fit While You Sit

On a long plane trip, your body goes on a sit-down strike. Muscle tone deteriorates, your circulation slows down, your oxygen supply is cut back, and the lack of muscle movement prevents blood in your lower legs from returning to your heart. (See p. 9)

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