Year 10 Vol.1  Issue 137
Meaningful Activities that Will Bedazzle All
Wouldn’t you agree that seasonal activities are a great way to provide fun and creative learning opportunities for your mates while also integrating your required standards and values? Find your favorite season or holiday and check out all the great activities that include touristic attractions, gala dinners, award and closing ceremonies, scavenger hunts, and much more. W e are always looking for new ideas to astonish your attendees and make YOU look GREAT!

Los Cabos
Bisbee’s East Cape Offshore tournament is for passionate sport fishing anglers who love deep sea fishing. This will take place in Los Cabos from August 1-5. 

Puerto Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit
Unlike other destinations, Puerto Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit is widely known to be a destination that offers a wide variety of cultural, sports, and artistic events, all year around. Sometimes, one sample suffices; in this case, eight samples may give you an idea of what your group attendees can enjoy:
You can not miss the Tropicana show! It is an unparalleled show on a open aired stage nuzzled in among the exuberant vegetation. From the excellent choreography to the vibrant costumes the dancers and singers are all around excellent. 

Dominican Republic
Each year, there are several thousands of humpback whales that come to the warm and calm waters of the Caribbean in order to mate or to give birth. They come to the Bay of Samana, considered one of the best places in the world to observe them, between mid-January to the end of March. 
  (See pp. 12,13)
Costa Rica
When planning your incentive trip to Costa Rica you will be happy to learn that our country has an all year average temperature of 79o F (26o C)  at the lowlands and coastal areas, which is where most of the resort developments are located; so you will only need to pack your favorite swimsuits, lounge clothes, and shorts because our weather is always perfect for so many activities year round! 
(See pp. 14,15)
Panama Carnivals, are celebrated during the four days prior to Ash Wednesday. These festivals end with the traditional sardine burial. The festivities of the "Carnavales" begin in the mornings with the "mojaderas" or "culecos".
  (See pp. 16-19)
Snow Tour is a service of guided tours to know the inns, roads, and connections, and enjoy the best views of the hill. There is also an introduction to prevention, safety, and mountain care. 
(See pp. 20-24)
Vienna - Austria
Vienna is the greatest city, cultural and political center of Austria and because it is one of the oldest capitals in Europe it has an important artistic heritage.
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Let's Cook:
How to Prepare a Detox Drink

Wash, disinfect, and rinse all fruits and veggies. Juice the parsley and celery in a juicer. Cut off the skin and cut out the core of the pineapple. Cut up the pineapple meat into chunks... 

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Dr. Travel
Travel Tip: Contemplate

Some of my most creative ideas come to me when I’m flying. Sometimes I think this is because - at 30,000 feet above the earth - I’m closer to the source of all creation. Consider your time in the air as a retreat from the problems you face on the ground... (See p. 31)

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