Year 10 Vol.1  Issue 143
Well Connected M&E Destinations  
We are proud to say that we have friends in high places. We wouldn't be everywhere we are today in Latin America without some connections of our own. We've partnered with a wide range of business travel services to offer you a complete and seamless suite of options. A key partnership is that of airlines and their efficient connectivity in Latin America, which has evolved positively during the last years into a complex and beneficial offer that benefits the M&E industry. 

Whether joining an international corporate retreat or simply basking in the enjoyment of an incentive reward well earned, our vast network of airlines and well-thought-out connectivity will contribute to the success of your program.  At IVI DMC² , we are confident that the destination you have selected will tweak your senses well beyond the ordinary.  Book with us to enjoy competitive fares for groups, customized services designed to enhance your incentive travel experience, and site inspection support for decision makers. (See pp. 4-15)
MyDay: Barcelona 
Barcelona is a city facing the sea, with almost 5 kilometers of beaches. Located on the Mediterranean coast of the Iberian peninsula it is naturally protected by the Collserola mountain range, and delimited by two river deltas, Besos to the northeast and Llobregat to the southeast; it is surrounded by a privileged nature.  (See pp. 16,17) 
DQuest is a dynamic portal! It was created to assist Meeting Planners in easily locating ideal destinations, hotels, services, and activities within the group market in Latin America.  (See pp. 22,23)
Let's Cook: 
How to Prepare Blue Skies  

This is a gorgeous drink that looks exactly like blue skies. The flavor is simply lemon and orange. It’s great to cool off with on a hot day – perfect for the poolside.

Pour the Cointreau into a cocktail glass, followed by the blue curacao. Fill it up the rest of the way with lemonade, and garnish it with a slice of orange.

(See p. 24)

Quick Hits:
Dr. Travel's
Travel Tip: Get Exercise Rubber Bands

I travel with large rubber bands. I use them to stretch, workout, and play games. I try to see how long I can hold the rubber band stretched to the  fullest extent. I put one on my foot and do bicep curls. I put a rubber band around my tray table and pull it back to my chest. It’s fun and keeps your circulation... (See p. 25)

  CommuniQuest Incentive Travel Digest  is inspired by:
Like life, the Travel and Hospitality Industries seem to move at the speed of light. As a committed B2B partner, we aim to help you keep up with the latest industry news and opportunities. CommuniQuest Incentive Travel Digest is a valuable tool that brings you the timely information and analysis that you need, with a flair for what's hot, relevant, and interesting. No matter where your group is heading, we look forward to making YOU LOOK GREAT during your next event! 

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