Volume 12, Issue 6 | Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2020
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View our COVID-19 family resources
District 58 launched a new COVID-19 resource page that provides families with COVID-19 guidance, as well as links to our COVID-19 dashboard and all COVID-19 positive cases.

You can access the new COVID-19 resources by visiting www.dg58.org and viewing the new COVID-19 dropdown menu. You can also directly view the resources below:

How does District 58 decide whether or not to keep schools open?
COVID-19 rates are rising locally, regionally and nationally. District 58 reviews several metrics daily and meets with the Health Department weekly to make an informed decision regarding our schools' status.

As Dr. Russell shared on Monday, Nov. 2, District 58 currently intends to continue offering its in-person hybrid learning model with a full remote option.

Here are some of the many factors we consider:
Is COVID-19 spreading in our schools?
Although COVID-19 cases have been reported in District 58, through contact tracing we have determined that the virus is currently being transmitted outside of our schools. At this time, we have no documented cases originating in the District. Please note, the District is not stating that this will never take place. There is no risk-free environment during the pandemic. However, we believe that the health and safety precautions we have instituted in our classrooms are helping mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in District 58 schools.

Is COVID-19 causing a significant disruption in our schools?
At this point, the COVID-19 cases that have been reported at our schools have not caused a significant disruption. We have been able to keep our classrooms staffed and our students learning safely. However, as our COVID-19 dashboard shows, we have seen an exponential increase in both confirmed COVID-19 cases and possible COVID-19 cases. Possible cases include students and staff who display COVID-19 symptoms and are awaiting test results, as well as students/staff who are close contacts to a confirmed or suspected case. If these numbers continue to increase, there will be a disruption in our schools.

What are the local COVID-19 metrics?
District 58 uses Northwestern University’s COVID-19 tracker to determine local COVID-19 metrics, as well as the Illinois Department of Public Health's COVID-19 data to review county, region and state COVID-19 transmission levels. Downers Grove currently has a lower COVID-19 positivity rate than the county and region. However, our numbers have been increasing in the past weeks. This is a concerning trend we are closely following.

Is our community practicing safe behavior?
Ultimately, we can only provide safe in-person instruction if our entire community follows the 3Ws: wear a mask, wash your hands and watch your distance (keep 6 feet of distance from others at all times). Please follow this guidance both at school and outside of school. Our students and staff are engaging in safe behavior while at school, and we hope this behavior is continuing at home.

Another key to keeping schools open is that families must strictly follow the self-certification process. Ensuring that this process is carried out with fidelity is one of the most important things we can do to keep our students, staff and families safe. Please do not send your child to school if he or she is a close contact or a suspected close contact. Additionally, students must stay home if they have a fever (greater than 100.4 degrees) or any other COVID-19 symptom. If close contacts and symptomatic individuals stay home and follow the quarantine guidelines, we can greatly reduce the chance of spreading the virus at our schools.
District will process Camp Edwards, milk fee refunds next week
The District will process fee refunds for Camp Edwards (sixth grade outdoor education) starting next week. The fee will be removed from PushCoin accounts first, which creates an email notification to families. Then, later next week, the District will send the payments back to families via the same method that had been used in initially making the payment. So if a family paid their fee with an e-check or credit card, those accounts will be refunded the money. If a family paid by check, a check will be cut back from the District.

Additionally, given that the USDA has allowed District 58 to provide free meals with milk to any interested students, there is no reason for anyone to pay a milk fee this year. All families that paid a milk fee for the 2020-21 school year will receive a refund within the next week.
FYI: A look at D58's curriculum timeline
As guided by the Strategic Plan, District 58's curriculum is undergoing significant revisions to ensure it appropriately challenges all students and aligns with state standards. Here's a look at the current curriculum implementation timeline.

  • 2018-19English-Language Arts implementation, Science pilot
  • 2019-20: Science implementation, Math pilot
  • 2020-21: Math implementation, Social Studies middle school pilot
  • 2021-22: Social Studies middle school implementation (expected); Social Studies elementary pilot (expected)
  • 2022-23: Social Studies elementary implementation (expected)

District 58 shared updates at the Oct. 26 Curriculum Workshop. View the Board Briefs and the curriculum presentation to learn more.
MAP assessments sent home

Students in grades 2-8 took the MAP test remotely this fall. District 58 sent home fall 2020 MAP results on Friday, Oct. 30. On-site students received paper copies of their results at school, and remote students received their results by email. District results were reviewed during the Oct. 26 Curriculum Workshop.
2020 Illinois Report Card

The Illinois State Board of Education posted its annual Illinois Report Card for all Illinois schools on Oct. 30. This year's data was affected by COVID-19, and several metrics were not included. District 58 will review report card data during the Nov. 9 Board meeting. View the Illinois Report Card for District 58.
Parent-teacher conference signup opens Nov. 13

Parent-teacher conferences will take place virtually on Zoom in December. Parents can sign up for a conference in the PowerSchool parent portal beginning on Nov. 13 at 10 a.m. The portal will close on Dec. 3 at noon. Learn more.

Curriculum Workshop

The Oct. 26 School Board Curriculum Workshop focused on fall MAP test results, the Illinois School Report Card, a curriculum update and school improvement planning. View the Board Briefs.
Looking ahead

The Board will hold a regular business meeting on Monday, Nov. 9 at 7 p.m. The meeting will have limited in-person attendance and be streamed on YouTube. A meeting preview will be sent to families on Friday, Nov. 6 and be posted to BoardDocs.
Happy School Board Members Day, District 58!

In honor of School Board Members Day on Sunday, Nov. 15, District 58 thanks its School Board members for their service and dedication to District 58!

Happy Halloween, District 58!
Whether in-person or remote, District 58 students enjoyed safely celebrating Halloween this year! We created a photo gallery online featuring a few Halloween highlights from many of our schools.

Pictured in this newsletter: Halloween at Fairmount; Halloween at a Highland remote classroom
Preschoolers hold mock election
Grove Children's Preschoolers in Mrs. Hildreth's classroom learned a little bit about the voting process and Election Day. The class then put their learning into practice by holding their own preschool-themed election. Bicycles or scooters? Ketchup or mustard? Each student voted! And as for the winners? Well, like the actual election, results are still being tallied, so results are pending. View more photos.
Ask a librarian: DG library seeks student questions for new video series
What's something you've always wanted to know about the library or being a librarian? DGPL staff love to answer your questions when you're with them in the library and on tours, but because that isn't possible right now, they ask students to submit questions virtually! Click here to ask a question, and check the library's YouTube channel and Facebook page this month to hear their answers! (Note: the question form says that the deadline was Nov .2; the library has extended this deadline!)
Community e-flyers
Friday, Nov. 6
7-8 a.m.: Board Financial Advisory Committee Meeting at the ASC

Monday, Nov. 9
7 p.m.: Board Business Meeting at Downers Grove Village Hall

Wednesday, Nov. 11
Veterans Day (school is in session)
3:45-4:45: Board Legislative Committee Meeting at the ASC
Nov. 16-20
American Education Week

Tuesday, Nov. 17
7-8 a.m.: Board Policy Committee Meeting at the ASC

Monday, Nov. 23
3:45 p.m.: Board District Leadership Team Meeting at Belle Aire

Nov. 25-Nov. 27
Thanksgiving break - no school
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