Jim Morningstar shares information and guidance on using our emotions to serve our highest growth and integrative pleasure - one of the greatest challenges humans face.
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Communicating Our Feelings With Love -
a Couples Communication Exercise
Communicating Our Feelings With Love: a Couples Communication Exercise
Communicating Our Feelings With Love: a Couples Communication Exercise
Jim Morningstar shares information and guidance from his work with couples for over 40 years.  Ninety percent of misunderstandings between people come from uncommunicated and misinterpreted feelings. Jim shares a couples communication exercise that cuts to the chase, employing both EQ and IQ. Even if you do not succeed in getting a partner to engage in this with you, you can use it to get past stuck places within yourself.  This and many other insights and tools are offered in the 9 class video course 
Being and Living the Love You Are  now online. info@transformationsusa.com
I choose to be Unstoppable.

I am bigger than my concerns and worries.

The strength of others inspires me daily.

I focus on my goals.

I trust my i ntuition and live a

Courageous Life!
Personal Integration Studies Certificate Program
Personal Integration Studies  - an 88 hour certificate program designed to give you theoretical and practical grounding in holistic life i ntegration techniques. Topi cs include a broad range of personal development, consciousness growth and physical and mental mastery. Appropriate for counselors, teachers, caregivers, life coaches, workshop and seminar leaders and students of self help.

Residential Breathwork Certification a few openings left
Breathwork with hands
Join us this  August 13-17, 2017  at Cedar Valley In Wisconsin for  a true body and soul renewal.  Learn to breathe fully and freely for personal transfor m ation and professional enhancement. Learn to share the breath of new life with others.  Four Levels of Training  as a professional breathworker. Reserve your place now:   Information and Registration
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