June 2015 - Vol. 10, Issue 6
Are You Communicating Effectively With Your Organization?

Join us for our next Maximize Demosphere Webinar!

On Wednesday, June 24 at 1:00pm ET, Demosphere will present its 75th Maximize Demosphere Webinar:   Communication Is Key

Communicating with your organization is a crucial factor in managing an efficient and enjoyable registration season.

Maximize Demosphere will show administrators how to take advantage of the wide array of email, SMS text messaging, and automated messaging options found within the RosterPro ?  Registration System.

The session will discuss:
  • Customization of Automated Messages
  • Creating SMS Text Messages
  • Utilizing Reports To Contact Specific Groups
  • Actual Usage Scenarios
  • ...And More!
Sign up today to reserve your spot in the webinar! We look forward to chatting with you on June 24th for Maximize Demosphere!
What Are People Saying About Your Organization Online?

Did you miss our last Maximize Demosphere, 
Registering For Reviews?

Reviews are important - especially to those who aren't already familiar with your organization! Our most recent Maximize Demosphere session focused on building an online reputation and accumulating positive reviews.

A recording of the May session can be found on Demosphere's website along with slides to help you maintain a positive reputation through online reviews.
Get The "Heads Up" On Youth Football


Football has always been an iconic part of the American Dream, but over the last few years, youth football participation has experienced a decline of nearly 10 percent.


Research studies, media coverage of injuries, and professional athletes taking a stand have all brought attention to the significance of head injuries and their long-term ramifications for football players.


The Demosphere Blog discusses some safe alternatives and training programs that can reduce the risk.

The Consequences Of Screaming From The Sidelines


All too often, boisterous altercations and unsportsmanlike screams are being called out from the sidelines at youth sports games.


What many spectators don't realize is that shouting advice from the sidelines can actually disrupt the children during a crucial developmental period in their athletic careers.


The Demosphere Blog discusses why it's important for the development of young athletes that fans offer positive reinforcement.

The Demosphere Network - New Website Launches

Congratulations to the newest members of the Demosphere Network!

C heck out these great new sites:
Is your site a good reflection of your organization?

Update your website today  and be ready in time for the fall!

Top 5 Hidden Benefits Of Youth Sports

With the obesity rate in the US continuing to climb, participating in organized sports is more important than ever to keep the youth of America at a healthy body weight.


But what many active families might not realize is that there are many hidden benefits received by young athletes as a result of their participation in sport.


Check out the Demosphere Blog to learn about the often-overlooked top 5 benefits children gain from sports!

Demosphere Strikes Up Some Friendly Competition

The Demosphere Team took over the local bowling alley this month to enjoy some friendly co-worker competition.


After a long work week, the team had the chance to show off their hidden bowling skills and kick back outside of the office - returning rejuvenated and ready to get back to work!

Are Your Schedules This Organized?


While most clubs try to remind members of upcoming schedule changes through word of mouth announcements, one of the newest organizations to join the Demosphere Network is taking advantage of the WebWriterCMS to keep their schedules organized and always available.


Create calendars of your own following the step-by-step guide found on the Demosphere Blog.

Demosphere Blog Updates

Check out the newest features and enhancements to Demosphere products, as well as best practices to follow at the  Demosphere Blog !

In particular, our post  Seasonal Groupings Dominate Latest Update provides information on the latest feature updates - including selecting individuals for Financial Aid, adjusting registration status when recording payments, new reports, and more.
Create Your Own Custom Branded Club Merchandise!

Want to fundraise and increase brand recognition at the same time?

Consider setting up a shop with MyLocker!

Demosphere has partnered with MyLocker to offer organizations the ability to create custom-branded merchandise and earn a percentage back on all sales.

Upload your logo and get underway in  just a few clicks today!

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