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Welcome to our 
September  2016 Newsletter 


Welcome back! This month we have a new video on communication, & keeping up with the theme, an article on the subject too! We are very excited to announce an upcoming couple's workshop (see below.) This is a highly interactive workshop in which you will participate in a very fun, & hopefully enlightening activity with your partner. If you've done workshops with us before, there is new material & experiences awaiting you. And if you haven't, you will have the opportunity to participate in amazing experiences that will enrich your relationship in new ways! We would love to have you join us in November!!!


Please enjoy the rest of the newsletter that includes a special recipe from Shawn.





Communication is one of the main problems in relationships. A good relationship requires good communication!
COMMUNICATION - The Oxygen of a Relationship
COMMUNICATION - The Oxygen of a Relationship

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Learning basic communication skills is very important in order to have a successful relationship. It is one of the main presenting issues in couples counseling. Read our blog article "Communication Do's & Don'ts" for some helpful tips .  
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Smoked Parmesan Oysters

I've tried oysters in the past & didn't like them, but Shawn's "Smoked Parmesan Oysters" are out-of-this-world good!! You have to use smoke! He uses oak or hickory. Shuck the oysters, dab some butter, sprinkle dried cilantro, add some cooked bacon pieces, & top with a mound of grated parmesan cheese. Put them on the fire for about 3 minutes or until the cheese melts & is lightly browned. The oysters are tender (not rubbery) & the flavor Divine! If you don't like oysters, I think you'll love these! 

Save the Date

We are planning a COUPLE'S WORKSHOP titled "TOGETHER WE CAN" for Saturday, November 5th from 4-8 pm. The workshop will focus on five "Relationship Core Values" - Listening, Cooperation, Respectful Expression, Handling Conflicts, & Support & Appreciation. You can e-mail us if you want to save your spot. Flyer will be out soon!


 Mylene & Shawn Hallaran

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