Ingersoll Place Communication
January 5, 2021

With regard to weekly testing of staff for COVID-19, which was held Tuesday, Dec. 29, all results have been received and there are no new positive cases to report. This week’s testing was held today and we will continue to keep you informed if new cases are confirmed.
Caroline Thompson, Executive Director, has been notified by CVS Pharmacy that three COVID-19 vaccination clinics have been scheduled for residents and staff. CVS Pharmacy will be on-site Jan. 15, Feb. 5 and February 26 to administer the vaccines. Each participant will receive two doses of the vaccine, three weeks apart. Physician authorization for each resident will be required and notification of physicians is underway.
Residents will be informed of the vaccination clinics tomorrow. Planning is underway with CVS as to how the clinic days will be conducted. Additional information will be forthcoming as to whether residents will be escorted to a common area such as the Library to receive their vaccines or if CVS staff will administer the vaccine to some or all residents in their own apartments.
This is good news that offers hope for better days ahead. We will provide an update in the next couple of days as clinic details become available.