Ingersoll Place Communication
October 16, 2020

With regard to weekly testing of staff for COVID-19, there are no positive or presumptive positive cases to report at the present time. If that should change, residents and families will be notified promptly.
Patio and window visits and virtual visits via Zoom and FaceTime are ongoing. For scheduling assistance, please call the Reception Desk at 518-370-4419.
We are working on a “cold-weather” visitation plan and anticipate sharing the information with you in next week’s Communication update.
Wishing everyone a safe and pleasant weekend.

Please direct questions or concerns regarding staff testing and/or resident care issues to Kim Towne, RN, 518-370-4419.
Please continue to direct non-urgent questions and concerns to Ceil Mack, 518-370-4419, ext. 303.