Ingersoll Place Communication
December 12, 2020

Attention: Family Members and other Resident Representatives
Subject:      Update on COVID-19 Testing 
On-site COVID-19 testing of staff and residents (those who received physician authorization) was conducted Tuesday, Dec. 8, at Ingersoll Place. A total of 95 tests were performed.
As of this morning, 38 results have been received; two residents and two staff members have tested positive. One of the two staff members has not worked at Ingersoll for the past several months. She took part in Tuesday’s testing as a precursor to picking up shifts during the holiday season. Both staff members are isolating at home. Both residents remain at Ingersoll Place with isolation protocols in place. The resident that previously tested positive last week remains in the hospital in stable condition.
Test results for those residents whose results were received overnight and this morning are currently being reported to designated family members or other resident representatives by Amber Zoller, Assistant Case Manager. Notification will continue throughout the weekend as results are received.
At present, there are no staffing issues. However, preparedness plans are in place to utilize healthcare staffing agencies if interim assistance is required. The New York State workforce database will also be accessed to identify resident care staff such as nurses and home health aides if additional personnel are needed. Arrangements with commercial housekeeping and maintenance contractors will be utilized to supplement existing services, should the need arise.
We continue to work closely with state and county health officials as the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise throughout the region. Full PPE (gowns, masks, gloves and shields) protocols are in use by staff throughout the facility on all units. Residents are monitored for symptoms and any changes in health status are reported immediately to their primary care providers.
Since the onset of the pandemic in March, we’ve had a few inquiries about taking a loved one home, whether to “ride the virus out” or for a weekend get-away and, more recently, to celebrate the holidays. If you decide to take your loved one home, make sure you have the necessary supplies and a backup plan in place in the event that you or someone in your household becomes ill or is otherwise unable to care for the resident. We strongly suggest you discuss this issue with the resident’s primary care physician and/or contact your county health department for guidance. As required by the NYS Dept. of Health, any resident that leaves our facility for any reason other than to receive medical care must be tested for COVID-19 within 24 hours prior to returning and must present negative test results before being allowed into the building.
As we experience the resurgence of coronavirus in our local communities and here at Ingersoll Place, many people are wondering, “How did this happen?” As scientists and health experts continue to remind us, we do not yet have immunity to this virus. We can slow its spread through the use of effective infection control actions including use of masks, social distancing, cleaning and disinfecting and when necessary, quarantine and isolation. But even with these measures, preventing this disease is not 100 percent. We must all continue to be vigilant, be proactive in managing the outbreak and prepared to activate preparedness plans if needed.
If you have questions or concerns regarding testing or daily operations at Ingersoll Place, please contact Caroline Thompson, Executive Director or Ceil Mack, Marketing Director, at 518-370-4419.