Ingersoll Place Communication
December 16, 2020

Attention:      Family Members and other Resident Representatives

Subject:          Update on COVID-19 Testing

The final group of results from last week’s Dec. 8 testing were received yesterday. One additional resident and two additional staff members have tested positive during the testing period. The total number of residents testing positive for that period is five. All are isolating in their respective apartments and being closely monitored by Resident Care staff. The total number of employees testing positive for the same period is six. They are isolating at home. The designated family member or other representative of each resident that was tested has been notified of the result, positive or negative, by Amber Zoller, Assistant Case Manager.

This week’s testing of staff was performed yesterday, Dec. 15, along with 13 residents who were not previously tested or whose physicians ordered repeat tests. In general, Ingersoll starts receiving results from the laboratory two to three days after the testing date. It can take up to a week, and occasionally, longer for all results to be received. The issue of “lag time” has been addressed on several occasions with the laboratory representative that oversees Ingersoll’s account. In some instances, high volumes of testing and supply-related shortages have been cited as explanations.

We continue to utilize infection control protocols which include cleaning and disinfecting of work stations, residents’ apartments and high traffic areas, monitoring and reporting of symptoms, full PPE (personal protective equipment), quarantine and isolation. All group activities and communal dining remain on pause. The Activities Department along with Food Service and other management staff are working on holiday menus and one-on-one special events to help keep spirits high.

If you have questions or concerns regarding daily operations at Ingersoll Place, please contact Caroline Thompson, Executive Director or Ceil Mack, Marketing Director, at 518-370-4419.