Ingersoll Place Communication
December 5, 2020

With regard to weekly testing of staff for COVID-19, we received notification yesterday that one additional employee has tested positive and is isolating at home. We are currently awaiting laboratory results on two staff members whose results we have not yet received. All other staff have tested negative. Please note: We continue to experience a lag time of several days or longer from the date of testing until all results have been received. As required by the NYS Department of Health, we will notify you within 24 hours of any new positive test results as we receive them.
With regard to testing of residents, all residents’ primary care physicians were contacted earlier this week to determine if they wanted their patients tested. Some have authorized testing; others have advised us to monitor for symptoms and report any changes in health status. A few remaining responses are expected by Monday and each resident’s designated representative will be notified as to whether testing will or will not be performed.
Testing will be done on Tuesday, Dec. 8, and results will be reported to each resident’s designated representative as they are received. Again, due to lag time, it may take several days or longer for all test results to be received.
If you have any questions regarding testing, please contact Caroline Thompson, Executive Director or Ceil Mack, Marketing Director.