Ingersoll Place Communication
December 9, 2020

With regard to testing for COVID-19:

In addition to the required weekly testing of all staff for COVID-19, residents (those with physician authorization) were tested yesterday, Tuesday, Dec. 8. Each resident’s designated representative will be notified of the test result, positive or negative, via phone call by a member of Ingersoll’s staff. Please note: due to lag times in laboratory reporting, it typically takes between five to seven days for all results to be received in any given week. We will notify representatives promptly as individual test results are received.

With regard to employee testing for COVID-19, we were informed yesterday that an employee who previously tested negative on Dec. 1, was retested a few days later at a local urgent care facility following the onset of minor symptoms. The employee has since tested positive and is isolating at home.

Infection control protocols and precautionary measures are in place including full use of PPE (personal protective equipment) by all staff during interactions with residents. There are adequate PPE supplies available at the present time including gowns, face shields, masks, gloves and goggles. There is ongoing emphasis in all departments on the importance of cleaning and disinfecting high touch surfaces including phones, keyboards, workstations, etc.

Per NYS Department of Health regulations, quarantine remains in effect for all residents through Dec. 22. We will report any new cases of COVID-19 within 24-hours of notification along with any related operational updates.

We are anticipating an increase in the number of requests for Zoom and FaceTime visits during the holiday season. Please call the Reception Desk at 518-370-4419 for scheduling assistance. As always, we appreciate your understanding and cooperation in helping us keep residents and loved ones connected.

If you have questions regarding testing and related issues, please contact Caroline Thompson, Executive Director or Ceil Mack, Marketing Director.