Ingersoll Place Communication
February 19, 2021

With regard to weekly testing of staff for COVID-19, which was held Tuesday, Feb. 16, one employee has tested positive and is on furlough for 14 days. The employee previously tested positive in December and subsequently, tested negative in the intervening weeks until now. As required, Executive Director Caroline Thompson reported the positive test result to state and county health officials. She was advised yesterday afternoon by the NYS Dept. of Health that “any positive is potentially a new positive” and that all precautions including facility-wide quarantine must be in effect through March 3.

As in previous quarantine periods, residents will be reminded to stay in their own apartments. In-room dining for all meals will continue until quarantine has ended. The Activities Department will resume one-on-one visits on all units and provide an assortment of puzzles, crafts, trivia, etc., based on residents’ personal preferences.

There are no in-person or window visits being scheduled at the present time. To schedule a virtual visit via FaceTime or Zoom, please call the Reception Desk at 518-370-4419.

We know how much our residents have been looking forward to getting back to normal – or near normal – especially after receiving their COVID-19 vaccines. They have been patient for so long – as have their families and friends and our staff. We can’t undo the feelings of disappointment and frustration but will continue to offer encouragement, support and the strong belief that better days are coming.

Please contact the following members of the management staff, as appropriate, at 518-370-4419:

Caroline Thompson, Executive Director/Administrator
Michelle Rearic, Business Office/HR Manager
Amber Zoller, Assistant Case Manager
Pam Jordan, Facilities Director
Christina Benardo, Activities Director
Ceil Mack, Marketing Director