Ingersoll Place Communication
February 2, 2021

With regard to weekly testing of staff for COVID-19, which was held Tuesday, Jan. 26, all staff have tested negative. The final day of the current quarantine period is Wednesday, Feb. 3. Small group activities will resume Thursday in the Activities Room under close supervision by staff. Residents will be masked and safely distanced and high-touch surfaces will be disinfected between activities.
The main dining room is scheduled to reopen on Feb. 19, two weeks after the second dose of vaccine has been administered. Based on clinical trials data, it takes a couple of weeks for the body to reach peak immunity and provide maximum protection against the COVID-19 virus. Almost all of Ingersoll’s residents will be receiving their second vaccination this Friday. The staff vaccination rate is just over 50 percent.
There are no in-person visits at the present time. To schedule a virtual visit via FaceTime or Zoom, please call the Reception Desk at 518-370-4419.
In keeping with Groundhog Day, the official start of Ingersoll’s annual Countdown to Spring is now underway… 46 days and counting!