Ingersoll Place Communication
March 24, 2021

With regard to weekly testing of staff for COVID-19, which was held Tuesday, March 16, all staff have tested negative.
A sewerage project is scheduled to begin on Thursday, March 25, to install a grinder pump station as required by the Town of Niskayuna. The purpose of a grinder pump is to break down solid debris that is sometimes flushed down the toilets and can cause serious clogs in the sewer system. Most of the work, including excavation and installation of the grinder pump will be done outside, adjacent to the entrance front. Indoor work, primarily wiring, will follow. During most of the project, the existing sewer line will remain operational. During the final phase, on Friday, March 26, the main sewer line will be shut down for approximately four hours during which time the pump station and the sewer line will be connected. The shut-down will take place after breakfast on Friday morning. During this time, water to sinks and toilets throughout the facility will be turned off. Detailed plans for resident safety and comfort have been submitted to and approved by the NYS Dept. of Health. All residents are currently being informed of the shutdown in person by members of the staff and signs will be posted in all the bathrooms. Bottled water and hand sanitizers will be distributed. Staff will be present on all of the units during the shutdown to provide assistance and offer reassurance to residents. Residents will be encouraged to use their bathrooms, as needed. All bathrooms will be disinfected and deodorized once the water supply is turned back on. Pamela Jordan, Facilities Director and Caroline Thompson, Executive Director are providing oversight of this project and are available to answer questions and address concerns.
With regard to visitation, the past couple of weeks have been heartwarming not only for residents and families but for Ingersoll’s staff as well. We’ve heard about birthday parties, dinners with loved ones and ice cream sundaes shared with grandchildren. Even a trip to Hannaford was described in glowing detail. Just a reminder, if you are planning on taking a resident off-site, please notify the Reception Desk at least two hours prior to your scheduled arrival. This will allow staff adequate time to prepare the resident for an outing, make sure medication needs are met and offer reassurance to those residents who may not always remember the details as to why and where they’re going. Also, please provide the anticipated time of your return. Staff members are informed as to which residents are out of the building, especially during evening hours and on the weekends. As quickly as possible, one of them will respond when you ring the doorbell inside the vestibule. If no one responds within 10 minutes, staff may be in the midst of giving medications, assisting with baths or responding to call bells in residents’ apartments. If needed, dial the supervisor’s phone at 518-428-7447 for assistance.
Please know, we appreciate your patience and cooperation with the visitation process and are so happy to welcome you back to Ingersoll Place.
Please contact the following members of the management staff, as appropriate, at 518-370-4419:

Caroline Thompson, Executive Director/Administrator
Kate Giemza, RN, Resident Care Director
Pam Jordan, Facilities Director
Michelle Rearic, Business Office/HR Manager
Amber Zoller, Assistant Case Manager
Christina Benardo, Activities Director
Ceil Mack, Marketing Director