Ingersoll Place Communication
May 19, 2020
Again, with sadness, we must report that one of our residents who has been hospitalized for the past month, died as a result of complications of COVID-19. This is a sorrowful time for many families, communities and healthcare workers. To all, we extend our prayers and condolences.
At present, there are no residents or staff known to be Covid-19 positive at Ingersoll Place. We received notification on May 6, that no new cases had been diagnosed and the 14 days of quarantine and/or isolation at our facility were at an end. The use of masks for residents and staff is still in effect, as is social distancing. Cleaning and disinfection of all high traffic areas including dining rooms, elevators, work stations and medication rooms are ongoing along with daily cleaning of residents' apartments.
Last week, Governor Cuomo announced that all nursing homes and adult care facilities in New York State would be required to provide twice weekly testing of all employees and other essential healthcare workers. He also signed an executive order barring hospitals from sending COVID-positive patients back to nursing homes and assisted living facilities. It is hoped that measures like these will help to reduce further transmission and spread of the coronavirus, especially among older adults.
There are no plans for the mass-testing of residents by state or county health departments. Daily temperature checks of both residents and staff continue and the monitoring of changes in health status is ongoing.
As with most healthcare facilities across New York State, visitation is still restricted to employees and providers of essential services. To date, there is no information from state or county health agencies as to whether there will be phases for reopening, similar to those established for other businesses and industries. We will keep you informed with any updates as we receive them.
Currently at Ingersoll Place, residents are enjoying meal times and ever-popular exercise sessions – set up in the hallways with safe-distancing in place. Christina and Cindy continue to provide one-on-one room visits to engage residents in conversation, trivia topics and word games. Supervised outdoor time, including walks around the driveway, is a daily highlight for many residents.
Next Friday, May 29, Ingersoll will celebrate its 96th anniversary with a "Cart Party," hosted by the Activities staff. Cake and "happy hour" tidbits will be delivered to residents' apartments along with novelty items such as pens, lip balm and balloons. A mobile photo display and celebratory banner will add to the festivities.
Although this year's celebration will take place without the fanfare of a public gathering, we will pay tribute to all those who have been a part of Ingersoll's history for nearly a century. We will use this occasion to give thanks for the dedication and fortitude of our staff and the support and encouragement of the Ingersoll Place family. We will pray for those who are still recovering from the effects of COVID-19 and those whose lives have been lost to this dreadful disease. We will also set our sights on the future and look forward to brighter days ahead and joyful celebrations yet to come.
Please continue to direct non-urgent questions and concerns to Ceil Mack, 518-370-4419, ext. 303.