Ingersoll Place Communication
June 19, 2020
Weekly COVID-19 testing of all health care personnel in nursing homes and assisted living facilities is still in effect, as required by the NYS Dept. of Health. To date, no new cases of the disease have been diagnosed at Ingersoll Place. Testing will continue until the Dept. of Health determines it is no longer necessary.

Infection control and prevention remain a high priority for our staff and residents, and daily routines that include temperature checks, monitoring of symptoms and changes in health status, use of masks and diligent hand-hygiene are built into everyday life at Ingersoll. Guidelines from state and county health departments and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) continue to urge all health care facilities and providers to remain vigilant in their efforts to reduce the risks of transmission.

We have been advised this past week by the Empire State Association of Assisted Living (ESAAL) that the NYS Dept. of Health is working to develop visitation guidelines that will help ensure the safety of residents and their families and staff. In a press release issued yesterday by ESAAL it was noted, "Understandably, state officials are proceeding cautiously because assisted living residents are elderly, many with underlying health conditions, and their health and safety is paramount."

Development of these guidelines by health officials continues to be a work-in-progress as nursing homes and assisted living facilities await authorization for visitations to resume. Currently, however, visitation restrictions remain unchanged and we ask for your continued patience and support.

The individual needs of our residents – physical, emotional and spiritual – are uppermost in everyone's mind and are addressed in many different ways by every member of our staff. From regular in-room visits with Activities staff and outdoor time in the gardens and walks around the building, to an impromptu prayer with a housekeeper or a spontaneous song from a caregiver, the love and extra-attention are in evidence every day.

We know there is no substitute for the presence of family and friends in the lives of our residents and it's our sincerest hope to see you reunited with your loved ones soon. Please continue to schedule video chats and window visits by calling Lead Concierge Amber Zoller at 518-370-4419.

Wishing everyone an enjoyable weekend and a Happy Father's Day to dads, everywhere.

Please continue to direct non-urgent questions and concerns to Ceil Mack, 518-370-4419, ext. 303