Ingersoll Place Communication
June 5, 2021

With regard to weekly testing of staff for COVID-19, which was held Tuesday, June 2, all staff have tested negative. We are pleased to report there have been no positive cases at Ingersoll Place since the end of March. There are, however, regulations that remain in place regarding social distancing, the wearing of masks and limitations on the numbers of residents that can dine together in the main dining room or participate in group activities in the Activities Room.
We know it can be confusing when so many entertainment, dining and sporting venues are returning to near normal operations while Adult Care Facilities such as Ingersoll Place must continue to adhere to stricter infection control standards. Reminder: All visits – with the exception of pre-approved compassionate care visits – are by appointment only and will be scheduled in designated visitation areas. These include the Library, Lobby Alcove, Memory Care Sunroom, Lower East Lounge or East Side Courtyard. Compassionate care situations that warrant visits with residents in their own apartments will be reviewed on a resident-specific basis.
It’s also important to note that visitation will be suspended and quarantine protocols implemented if there are any new resident or staff cases of COVID-19, in compliance with NYS Dept. of Health regulations. Should this occur, families will be allowed to take their loved ones off-site for visits in their homes or other places of their choosing and then return them to Ingersoll Place. No testing for COVID-19 is required prior to their return. Reminder: If you are planning on taking a resident off-site, please notify the Reception Desk at least two hours prior to your scheduled arrival. This will allow staff adequate time to prepare the resident for an outing, make sure medication needs are met and offer reassurance to those residents who may not always remember where they’re going or with whom. Even if you’ve made arrangements directly with your loved one, please inform the front desk of your plans, in advance.
One last note about visitation: For those of you who may not be aware, we are instructed by the NYS Dept. of Health to effectively manage the number of visitors present in the building, the duration of visits and visitors’ compliance with established guidelines. Per the NYS Dept. of Health, “Visitors who are unable to adhere to the core principles of COVID-19 infection prevention should not be permitted to visit or should be asked to leave.” If Ingersoll Place, as a NYS licensed facility, fails to carry out its responsibilities, it can be fined for each violation. If you have concerns about the visitation policy at Ingersoll Place, please direct your comments to Caroline Thompson, Executive Director or Michelle Rearic, Business Office Manager. Also, please understand that Reception Desk staff are following established policies and procedures with regard to visitation and your cooperation is needed and appreciated.
In other news: The grinder pump project to improve sewerage flow from Ingersoll Place into the municipal sewer line is scheduled to begin within the next week or so. Once the start date is announced, residents and families will be given notice as to when the main sewer line will be shut down. During this period of time (approximately four hours) water to sinks and toilets throughout the facility will be turned off. Detailed plans for resident safety and comfort have been submitted to and approved by the NYS Dept. of Health. Residents will be informed of the shutdown in person by members of the staff and signs will be posted in all the bathrooms. Bottled water and hand sanitizers will be distributed. Staff will be present on all of the units during the shutdown to provide assistance and offer reassurance to residents. Residents will be encouraged to use their bathrooms, as needed. All bathrooms will be disinfected and deodorized once the water supply is turned back on. Pamela Jordan, Facilities Director and Caroline Thompson, Executive Director are providing oversight of this project and are available to answer questions and address concerns.
The Activities Department is receiving lots of positive feedback on recent outings and new additions to the monthly calendar. Among them, a visit to Krumkill Stables, the return of Beverly to perform on Ingersoll’s grand piano and the newly organized garden club; also, a Special Day-in-May celebration which featured a patriotic-themed Christmas tree, Memorial Day remembrances and a birthday salute to Ingersoll Place which is celebrating 97 years of service.

With spring in full bloom and summer just a few short weeks away, we’re encouraging everyone to enjoy the beautiful gardens and patios and views of the adjacent Reist Wildlife Preserve. (Turtle photo by Cindy Persaud, Lead Activities Assistant)

Wishing everyone a safe and pleasant weekend.
Please contact the following members of the management staff, as appropriate, at 518-370-4419:

Caroline Thompson, Executive Director/Administrator
Kate Giemza, RN, Resident Care Director
Pam Jordan, Facilities Director
Michelle Rearic, Business Office/HR Manager
Amber Zoller, Assistant Case Manager
Christina Benardo, Activities Director
Ceil Mack, Marketing Director