Ingersoll Place Communication
July 10, 2020

Breaking News… This afternoon, the NYS Department of Health notified nursing homes and assisted living facilities in our region, including Ingersoll Place, that they can begin preparing and submitting their individual plans that will allow for limited visitation with residents. These plans must be consistent with the regulations just released by the Department of Health and must demonstrate each facility’s ability to maintain compliance. PLEASE NOTE: The current ban on visitation, other than those deemed medically necessary, remains in effect at Ingersoll Place. We will notify you as soon as the new policy and procedure for visitation has been reviewed and approved. We hope to have details for you early next week.

The weekly COVID-19 testing of staff continues in assisted living and nursing home facilities throughout New York. At present, there are no new cases of the virus at Ingersoll Place. Three employees whose tests were previously deemed “inconclusive” and subsequently tested negative, returned to work this week. All infection control precautions remain in place including the wearing of masks by residents and staff, social distancing, hand-washing and cleaning/disinfecting of high-touch surfaces.

Although the traditional congregant setting for group activities is still on pause, a daily calendar of activities continues to energize and engage residents. One-on-one room visits by Christina, Cindy and other staff members are well received by the residents. For some, it’s an opportunity to talk about family, current events, special memories and yes, even politics. Others prefer trivia games and brain teasers and still others take comfort in praying the Rosary with Christina.

On the Lower West/Memory Care unit there’s a regular schedule of morning stretches, sing-alongs, art-related activities and balloon volleyball and kickball.  On the assisted living side of the house, scheduled outdoor time often includes “music on the patio,” as it has come to be known. Small groups of residents are seated – safely distanced and wearing masks. Each one is asked to name a well-known song and then lead the others in singing it. It’s become a favorite, feel-good activity for residents and staff.

Ingersoll will be celebrating milestone birthdays this week and next as two of its residents turn 90. As always, the Activities staff will be on hand to coordinate the festivities. Also, next week, Pooh’s Corner Child Care Center, located across the street from Ingersoll, will reopen its doors and Ingersoll’s residents will once again enjoy the sights and sounds of youngsters outside in the playground. Of note, Ingersoll enjoys a special bond with Pooh’s Corners and hosts an annual Halloween party for the children and their teachers along with Ingersoll’s residents and staff. Also of note, Ingersoll’s Business Office Manager Michelle Rearic serves on the Pooh’s Corner Board of Directors and helps strengthen  generational and neighborhood relationships.

A new resident was welcomed to the Ingersoll family last week and another is expected to join us later this month. We are looking forward to helping all of our residents and their families get reacquainted in the very near future.

Wishing one and all, a safe and enjoyable weekend.

Please continue to direct non-urgent questions and concerns to Ceil Mack, 518-370-4419, ext. 303.