Ingersoll Place Communication
July 24, 2020

The long-awaited GOOD NEWS is here! Beginning Monday, July 27, family members and/or close friends may begin calling Ingersoll’s Reception Desk at 518-370-4419 to schedule outdoor visits with their loved ones. (No reservations will be taken until Monday.) Visits will begin on Wednesday, July 29.

There are regulations, as mandated by New York State Department of Health, that we and all assisted living facilities must follow. These include a limit on the total number of visitors per day, the taking of temperatures and asking about symptoms and recent travel to COVID hotspots.

Visits will take place in the East Wing garden. Each resident will be allowed a maximum of two visitors and the duration of each visit will be 20 minutes. Staff members will be assigned to serve as visitation supervisor s and held responsible for ensuring the use of masks and hand-sanitizers by residents and their visitors, adherence to social distancing and pre-and post-visit disinfection of the seating area. They will also provide a brief, easy-to-read fact sheet to all scheduled visitors upon arrival.

We urge you to read the Visitation Policy in its entirety at

It’s important to note that entry into our building is still restricted to Ingersoll employees and other essential service providers. COVID-19 remains a threat to the health and well-being of our residents and staff and to the public-at-large. Any new cases of COVID-19 among residents and/or staff will bring visitation to a halt for 28 days or until the quarantine period is lifted. We continue to work closely with state and county health officials to stay abreast of changing regulations and guidance in infection prevention and control. Your continued cooperation and support of our efforts are greatly appreciated.

Beginning in August, a small-group activity will be added to the daily schedule of events. Groups of ten individuals will be able to gather in the Activities Room for Rosary prayers, guided meditation and an old-school favorite, the Hangman Game. One-on-one room visits with staff, outdoor time and socializing in the lobby – all with safety precautions in place – are ongoing.

As we move into the “dog days of summer,” everyone is reminded to stay well-hydrated. Water and other beverages are offered to residents throughout the day and close watch is kept on temperature settings in their apartments to ensure comfort and safety.

On a final but important note, we have not yet received the results of this week’s COVID-19 testing of Ingersoll’s staff. According to the laboratory representative, they are experiencing delays and we should expect results within the next few days. In the event that any positive cases are identified we will notify you within 24 hours as required by the NYS Dept. of Health.

Please know, we’re all looking forward to seeing you soon and wish everyone a safe and enjoyable summer weekend.

Please continue to direct non-urgent questions and concerns to Ceil Mack, 518-370-4419, ext. 303.