Ingersoll Place Communication
August 21, 2020

Weekly testing of healthcare workers in nursing homes and assisted living facilities for COVID-19 continues. The two staff members that previously tested "presumptive positive" have been retested and are negative. At this time, there are no positive cases to report at Ingersoll Place. There are still lag times of a week or longer in receiving test results in regions throughout the country – including here in upstate New York.
There were a half dozen window visits and three on-line chats this past week coordinated by Amber and other Reception Desk staff. Several slots are available for next week. Call 518-370-4419 for scheduling assistance. Patio visits are scheduled to resume on Sept. 15.
Plans are underway to celebrate National Assisted Living Week, September 13-19. This year’s theme, “Caring is EssentiAL,” will focus on the incredible care and caring provided by resident care staff and support personnel in assisted living facilities throughout the country. Here at Ingersoll, we will honor staff members who are celebrating milestone years of service and there will be another dance contest featuring residents and staff – safely distanced, of course. Also in the works is an end-of-summer barbeque, a mocktail hour and a much-anticipated visit from the Mr. Ding-A-Ling ice cream truck.
With the last weeks of summer now at hand, outdoor time remains one of the most favored daily activities. For those who may not be aware, Ingersoll has a “resident” herd of deer that is frequently seen grazing near the little pond, opposite the East Wing. Sometimes referred to as the “wild-side” of Ingersoll Place, the adjacent Reist Wildlife Preserve is home to a diverse array of birds and animals that are an ongoing source of conversation and joy for many of our residents and staff.
Wishing everyone a safe and pleasant weekend.
Please direct questions or concerns regarding staff testing and/or resident care issues to Kim Towne, RN, 518-370-4419.
Please continue to direct non-urgent questions and concerns to Ceil Mack, 518-370-4419, ext. 303.