Ingersoll Place Communication
August 28, 2020

Weekly testing of healthcare workers in nursing homes and assisted living facilities for COVID-19 continues throughout New York State. Ingersoll Place was notified on Wednesday that COVID-19 test results for one employee came back as presumptive positive. This individual is in self-quarantine at home and must test negative and be symptom-free before being allowed to return to work. Also in accordance with health department regulations, outdoor/garden visits have been suspended until September 23.

We are experiencing a lag time of approximately one week from the day testing is performed (nasal swabs by Ingersoll’s RN, Kim Towne) until we are notified of the results. Executive Director Adriana Colonno has expressed her concerns about delays to health department officials and to ESAAL (Empire State Association of Assisted Living). According to a survey conducted by ESAAL, 96 of 188 member facilities that participated in the survey (51%) have reported an increase in delayed test results. Ingersoll Place is actively considering other testing facilities with reportedly shorter turn-around times.

The September activities calendar will feature a variety of special events during National Assisted Living Week, Sept. 13 through 19, including a dance contest and end-of-summer barbecue. Chair exercises will return to the Activities Room (groups of 10 or less for social distancing) and a new weeklong celebration of Boardwalk Fun & Games will be launched Sept. 21 through 25.

As noted in the Aug. 21 Communication Update, Ingersoll’s proximity to the Reist Wildlife Preserve offers year-round sightings of birds and mammals and during spring and summer months, reptiles and amphibians (assorted turtles and frogs). Late Wednesday afternoon, a large hawk was photographed near Ingersoll’s little pond, presumably scouting out its dinner.

Wishing everyone a safe and pleasant weekend.

Please direct questions or concerns regarding staff testing and/or resident care issues to Kim Towne, RN, 518-370-4419.
Please continue to direct non-urgent questions and concerns to Ceil Mack, 518-370-4419, ext. 303.