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Questions about the Mass

Spotlight on a Committee: Liturgy/Art/Environment Committee

Recent Highlights from our Parish Council Committees

Youth Mission Trip Recap

Meet Our New School Principal Stacy Charron

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, Sept. 23rd - Sunday, Nov. 1st
Prayer Vigils outside Planned Parenthood

Thursday, Sept. 24th
R.C.I.A. begins at 7 p.m.

Sunday, Sept. 27th, 11:45 a.m.
Teams of Our Lady, short informational meeting in the Gathering Space 

Sunday, Sept. 27th
1 p.m.
2nd Annual Bean Bag Toss Tournament

Tuesday, Sept. 29th
Healing Mass in our Nave at 6:30 p.m.

Friday, Oct. 2nd
1st Friday Eucharistic Adoration in our Chapel from 6 a.m.-8 p.m.

Fri.-Sun., Oct. 2nd-4th
"The Gathering" (2nd Annual Young Adult Retreat at Broom Tree)

Saturday, Oct. 3rd
1st Saturday Mass in our Chapel at 9 a.m.

Sunday, Oct. 4th
KC Fall Fiesta in the MPR following 10:30 a.m. Mass

Sunday, Oct. 4th 
2-3 p.m.
Sioux Empire Life Chain along 41st Street 

Monday, Oct. 5th 
6:30-8 a.m.
serve breakfast at The Banquet

Thursday, Oct. 8th
Baptismal Planning Class at 6:30 p.m.

Oct. 13th-17th, 19th-24th, 26th-31st and Nov. 12th-14th
Photographs for our 2015 Church Directory
October 17th-18th
"Sharing Our Gifts" Campaign Kickoff Weekend
Saturday, Oct. 24th, after 5 p.m. Mass
Trunk or Treat
Sunday, Nov. 8th
Turkey Bingo
Saturday, Nov. 14th
Diocesan Youth Conference, Swiftel Center, Brookings
6th-12th grade students
Fri.-Sun., Nov. 20th-22nd
SEARCH Retreat, Holy Spirit Parish, SFSD
Stewardship Leads to Involvement   
For several weeks, our parish has been reviewing our stewardship commitments for the past year and asking members to make new commitments to our various ministries, committees, and work crews. Our parish has an enviable record of volunteerism, and I am more grateful than I can express for your great generosity.
While many groups are eagerly seeking generous volunteers, our work in and through the Church reflects a more theological and spiritual tone. St. Paul reminds us that "there are many parts, but we are all one Body." When we work harmoniously in the life of the Church, in some mysterious way, we represent the life of Christ on earth.
Thus, each of the liturgical ministries that we perform represents some aspect of the life of Jesus. It is Jesus who greets us, speaks His word to us, praises the Father through our voices, and feeds the hungers of our hearts by the hands of other ministers.
Through our corporal and spiritual works of mercy, we minister to Jesus, and we also make Jesus present in the world. Through our work on church properties, we help provide for the fitting worship of God and the ongoing faith formation of our parish members.
In our parish, we also have a large number of people who give generously to provide religious education for our children and youth ministry for young people. "Telling the next generation" has always been an integral aspect of life in the Church.
Recently I was at a wake for my cousin who died at an early age. I didn't know my cousin very well, but the tributes spoken about him made me want to be a better person. Someone said, "There are those people who hold back and those who step up. When I was in need, John was one of those who stepped up."  That's what we ask in our stewardship renewal - that many people step up. 
Father Gregory Tschakert
St. Katharine Drexel Parish

Questions about the Mass  

In the Parish Survey conducted last spring, parishioners asked a great variety of questions. Some of those are being answered in our weekly bulletins. Three questions about different postures during the Mass are answered here:
Why do we stand at Mass?
Standing is a sign of respect. Standing has been part of prayer since the early Christians. While we sit for the Old and New Testament readings, we always stand for the Gospel reading, which are the words of Christ Himself.
Why do we kneel at Mass?
Kneeling is a sign of humility. We kneel during the Eucharistic Prayer because this is when the bread and wine are transformed into the Body and Blood of Christ. Kneeling shows our adoration for Christ, who is present on the altar . Kneeling is also consistent with Scripture. In Ephesians 3:14, Paul says, "I kneel before the Father," and in Acts 9:40, Peter "knelt down and prayed." Like standing, kneeling has been part of prayer since the Church of the first century.
Why do we bow at Mass?
Bowing is a sign of profound reverence. We bow our head during the Nicene Creed when we remember the Incarnation, saying, "and by the Holy Spirit was incarnate of the Virgin Mary and became man." We also bow when we go forward to receive Holy Communion. The Church asks that we show our reverence by bowing your head as you approach the priest or Eucharistic Minister to receive the Body and the Blood of Christ.
from Catholic TV - Why Do We Sit, Stand, and Kneel at Various Time During the Mass
Spotlight on a Committee: Liturgy/Art/Environment Committee  
"The Liturgy/Art/Environment Committee works closely with the Pastor and the Director of Liturgy to build the faith of our community through an understanding of the Church's liturgical rituals, traditions, and seasons. The committee serves as the curator of our parish physical space, and in particular our sacred space. Other responsibilities include decorating the worship space for holy days such as Easter and Christmas, and assisting the Pastor and parish staff with liturgical needs throughout the year." (Parish Council Charter)
So what specifically is the committee working on right now?
1) Stained Glass Windows: Six windows for the east side of the Nave have been purchased. The windows will be installed later this year (July 2015 had been a target for installation, but some personal issues have slowed work by our artist). Each window costs approximately $5,800. Funding for the windows comes from parishioners' contributions.
Donations to the Stained Glass Window Fund can be made at any time and are always welcome. You can give online, in the weekly offering at Mass, or contact the Parish Office at 275-6870.
2) Gathering Space: The committee has enlisted a designer to assist with updating the Gathering Space. Ideas the committee is pursuing:
  • flat-screened TV to display announcements and show videos
  • fresh paint and new colors
  • information center
  • new cabinetry
  • new table outside the Parish Office
  • new tables and chairs
  • storage cabinets
If you would like to join and/or assist the Liturgy/Art/Environment Committee, please contact the Parish Office at 275-6870.
Recent Highlights from the Parish Council Committees
Building and Grounds: Following up on a suggestion in the recent Parish Survey, our Building and Grounds Committee is looking into planting more trees on our church property.
Communications: Our Communications Committee is always looking for story ideas for our e-newsletters. Got an idea? Or would you like to write for the newsletter? Please contact Carol Deering at
Faith Formation: Our Faith Formation Committee is partnering with our Social Ministries Committee to develop programs for the "Year of Mercy," which begins on Tuesday, December 8th.
Finance: Our annual "Sharing Our Gifts" Campaign is scheduled to kick off the weekend of October 17th and 18th.
Liturgy/Art/Environment: Six of our stained glass windows in the Nave should be completed and installed by the end of the year.
Parish Activities: About 250 people attend our Annual Parish Picnic in August, which was a very nice turn-out. Next up is Trunk or Treat on Saturday, Oct. 24th after 5 p.m. Mass, and Turkey Bingo on Sunday, Nov. 8th. If you would like to help with either of these events, please contact the Parish Office at 275-6870.

Social Ministries:  In July, our Social Ministries Committee decided to use Feeding South Dakota as a supplemental supplier to our parish Food Pantry. We will be able to purchase some foods for as little as $.18  per pound.
Stewardship: Our Stewardship Committee is looking into a Twitter account as a means of reaching out to parishioners.
Welcoming Committee: Look for the Welcoming Table after Masses on the last weekend of each month, for newly registered members to receive a welcome gift or for those interested in registering to start the process. And if you haven't seen our parish's new Welcoming Packet, be sure to stop by the Welcoming Table or the Parish Office and have a look - it's beautiful!
Youth: From September through April, our youth will be very busy! Their plans include pancake breakfasts, pumpkin painting, bake sales, child care opportunities, and a talent show, all to raise funds for another mission trip next summer.

Youth Mission Trip Recap 
At the end of last June, 22 youth and 5 adults served Christ by serving others--many others! Their first stop was Marty, SD, where St. Katharine Drexel was once a missionary. They delivered items that had been donated by parishioners to the Needy Nook/Kateri Center. Our youth also attended Mass and then were guests at a pow wow. Their next stop was Martin, SD. In Martin, our parish young people worked alongside students from two Methodist churches. The students were split into groups and traded off painting, helping at a kids club, playing in the park with children at the day camp, weeding gardens, and assisting at a local nursing home.

During one evening of their trip, the last living Lakota Sun Dancer spoke to the students about his life experiences with alcohol and drug abuse and stressed that it is a path no one wants to go down. He also shared what it means to be a Sun Dancer as well as much about the Native American culture.

Mary Jo Gallagher, our Youth Ministry Director, had the opportunity to wash the feet of our parish youth, "a humbling experience" as she described it. Our young people wrapped up their trip with a visit to Crazy Horse and to Blessed Sacrament Parish in Rapid City. It was an "awesome trip" and "very rewarding" for all who attended, says Mary Jo.

Mary Jo is contacting Youth Works to look for another option for a mission trip for next year. To help finance the trip, from September through April the Youth Group will be hosting pancake breakfasts, pumpkin painting, bake sales, child care opportunities, a talent show, and more!

"A huge thank you to the members of St. Katharine Drexel Parish who helped make the youth trip so successful."
(Mary Jo Gallagher)
Meet Our New School Principal - Stacy Charron

My name is Stacy Charron, and I am very excited to be entering into my first year as principal of St. Katharine Drexel School and becoming a part of the strong Christian community it has become.
As the new principal, I would like to take this opportunity to share some of my background information. I grew up and graduated from high school in Huron, then attended Northern State University where I earned my Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education. I later returned to Northern State and earned my Masters in Education and Learning.
For the past twelve years, I have been active in the classroom environment. I taught 5th grade at Lincoln Elementary in Aberdeen for seven years. I also coached high school volleyball for Aberdeen Central during this time. After moving to Sioux Falls in 2010, I joined SFCS teaching 6th grade at Christ the King School for two years and at St. Michael School for three years. My husband, Wade, is the principal at O'Gorman Junior High. We have three children: Spencer (8), Tanner (5), and Brynnley (2).
I look forward to working with all of the students and families of St. Katharine Drexel School. The cooperative efforts between home and school truly assure opportunities for success.

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