February 2021
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The adage, “never discuss politics or religion” on an interview is more critical now than ever before.  So is the importance of being honest though, on your resume and during your interviews. 
One study found that people exaggerate all kinds of things when trying to find a new job. Candidates tell two to three lies, on average, in a 10-to-15-minute interview. Responsibilities they had in previous jobs to reasons for quitting or getting fired. Mistruths exists on a spectrum, from slight exaggerations to complete fabrications. It is part of being a well-socialized person in our society to use lies to make other people feel good about themselves and to present ourselves effectively. From my experience though, it can cost you the career opportunity that you desire. When I debrief with a hiring manager after an interview and they say, “I liked her, but I felt that she was only telling me what she thought I wanted to hear”, it means the candidate wasn’t being honest and came across as insincere.  
When I speak with a candidate and they say, “Let me be totally honest with you”, I know that they haven’t been. Be honest! Search firms and potential employees WILL check your professional references. If you have something negative in your past (for example - getting let go on bad terms), we will find out. If you have not been honest, there is no way to build trust which is the basis for any relationship. If you are honest with your recruiter, we will have greater success in doing our job which can only help you find that next great opportunity. 
Remember that a recruiter’s reputation is at stake with every single candidate we choose to represent!
Activity is picking up; banks are opening long awaited requisitions…it’s a competitive market so be at the top of your game when you interview.
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Communication Is Important When You're Reentering The Workplace
Covid-19 hit everyone hard and left many businesses in a predicament. Some places aren’t opening back up, some are open, and some are just now opening. It has been a struggle for many people and businesses to stay afloat.

On the other hand, it has given businesses a chance to really think about the way things are operating. Rules may change, policies might be different, or upgrades made. Whatever is going on whether it’s the same or changing, communication is key to running a successful business.
Communicate With Your Employees

During this whole pandemic, people have lost their jobs and didn’t have anything to fall back on. Which has left them in a stressful situation during the shutdown. Things took an abrupt halt in life and left some people completely unprepared. That is a scary situation and it isn’t over yet even though things are opening back up.

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