May, 2022

Hello May!

As students wrap up another school year and we move into summer, are you dreaming about getting some much-needed rest and relaxation?

Many business owners are reflecting over the past two years and considering how to recover from an economic downturn. The good news is that leaders in the HVAC industry are pleased to discover how essential their business remains to the general public. Despite the fact that we are still facing supply chain delays, partnering and communicating with suppliers has proven successful in helping to move operations forward. Read on to find out more.

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HVAC Industry Has Never Been More Essential
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to loosen its grip on the country, many industries are reassessing the last two-plus years and considering how they’re emerging from these unprecedented times... 

While many managers are at the mercy of their suppliers, Gee offered one bit of advice that could go a long way toward helping managers get what they need, when they need it. 

“The customers who communicate, partner and work with their suppliers are at the top of the line,” he says. “If you’re a large volume customer, yet you’re erratic with your ordering, you get knocked down the list, because you’re just really hard to serve.” 

Floating offshore wind power: a milestone to boost renewables through innovation
Wind power is stronger in the ocean than on land, hence the development of offshore wind in recent years. Until recently, because they were based on fixed structures, they could not be installed in very deep or complex seabed locations, something that has changed with the advent of floating structures. Wind turbines can now be installed on these platforms, which are anchored to the seabed by means of flexible anchors, chains or steel cables...

Among the advantages of floating offshore wind are the potentially low environmental impact and the ease of manufacture and installation, as the floating turbines and platforms can be built and assembled on land and then towed to the offshore installation site. In addition, as noted above, they can take advantage of the strong winds blowing in the deeper areas, which improves energy efficiency.

Operating rooms are the climate change contributor no one’s talking about
In April 2021, during the Leaders Summit on Climate, President Biden announced his goal to drastically reduce the United States’ greenhouse gas emissions by 2030...

Operating rooms are a massive source of greenhouse gas production for hospitals, representing 70% of their waste and generating three to six times as much carbon as the rest of health systems.

Cancer care is an obvious target for greener efforts within surgery, Berlin notes, because it often involves intense levels of care over a short period of time. Plus, minimally invasive surgeries that require a lot of energy, including robotic-assisted operations, have become common treatments for cancers ranging from colorectal and uterine cancer to head and neck cancer. A robotic-assisted hysterectomy, for example, produces as much carbon as driving more than 2,200 miles in a car — the equivalent of a road trip from Ann Arbor, Mich., to Los Angeles.

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