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December 2014

"In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer."  Albert Camus

Happy Holidays to clients, colleagues and community!  No matter if you find yourself in the midst of a snowy winter or you enjoy these winter months in a more tropical climate - it can be a time of reflection and renewal.  Here are a few ideas and thoughts to support that process.  Wishing you all the joys of the season and a fresh start for 2015! 
Mari Pat Varga
Sparkle Up!
Bring your energy to the conversation 

In yoga class the other day, my teacher Kristin, asked us to "sparkle up".  It was her way of telling us to stretch out, stand tall and be infused with energy in our poses. 

I can't get "sparkle up" out of my mind.  I think of that effervescent glass of ginger ale or the fizz of champagne on New Year's Eve.  How would sparkling up positively impact they way we communicate?
I now channel "sparkle up" before I answer a call, enter a meeting, have lunch with a friend, coach a client or conduct a training session.  It is my reminder to bring energy to the exchange.  Great communication rides on energy.  It is about being open, available, positive, focused and purposeful.

As you move through your holiday season, I invite you to take "sparkle up" with you.  Consider it a mantra of sorts.  The holidays are a time for communicating.  At best, it is when we come together with family and friends to share our lives.  It can be challenging at times but it is always full of opportunities to sparkle up and make memories.

Have a blessed and joyous holiday.

 12 simple things to give for the holidays

Give the gift of attention to make memories


  1. Place a call to someone you know would love to hear from you.  Make it a long, leisurely chat.
  2. Write a personal note inside your Christmas
  3. Give the gift of "home-made" something.
  4. Volunteer to babysit or walk the dog.
  5. Introduce two people you know would get along.
  6. Write a Linked-In recommendation for a colleague who is an unsung hero.
  7. Invite a friend for coffee and surprise them by inviting five others.  
  8. Sign up for a class or volunteer activity and encourage others to join you.
  9. Tweet a tribute to someone you admire.
  10. Look a homeless person in the eyes, say hello and share a smile.
  11. Leave your phone home and spend time with your kids (or borrow someone's) - undisturbed by technology.
  12. Visit, sit, listen and learn.


Amy Poehler - The Imperfectionist  

Bring Amy along for the holidays 

The holidays can be messy and chaotic and by her own admission Amy Poehler is too - so for a fun holiday read, bring her along.
She had me at the preface.  Comedian Amy Poehler's new book, "Yes, Please!" actually begins with a four-page preface titled "Writing is Hard."  I loved that she spoke to every rationalization, excuse, and fear about writing that we all experience.  It's funny and she made me feel better about all the times I dodged opportunities to write but also directed me to "just do it".

The title of Amy's book: Yes, Please also intrigued me. She shared that,  "It's something I say a lot, and it's a theory I subscribe to. Saying "yes" has gotten me a lot of places in my life. As I've gotten older, I've added the "please" because I realize when you say "yes" to something, it doesn't mean you're doing it alone. I liked it because it felt vulnerable and strong, a polite way of asking for what you want and responding to when people ask you what you need. The combination of agreeing and also realizing that you're not entitled to anything is something I wanted to convey."

"Yes" communicates our willingness and "Please" is a request.  Want more dessert?  Yes, please.  Want to visit Aunt Caroline?  Yes, please.  Ready to go home?  Yes, please.

Enjoy imperfection this holiday.



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