Volume 08 | December 3, 2021
Welcome back to our Bullitt County Public Schools e-newsletter: Always Moving Forward. We are eager to build upon our relationship with students, parents, and the entire community by sharing what is happening in our district with all of you.

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Communications Survey
Introducing new Director of Communications
Hi! My name is Kali Ervin (“kay-lee ur-vin”) and I’m the new Director of Communications for Bullitt County Public Schools. I just started in this new position in July of this year and I’m excited to keep working on our communication processes!

I’m so thankful to everyone that shared valuable feedback with us on our ThoughtExchange question about what we are doing well and what we can do better in regards to communication. I read through each and every response and learned a lot of valuable information!

Based on those thoughts, I’ve developed a detailed communications survey to help get some more specific information so that we can keep moving forward and serving you in the ways you most prefer. This survey is only ten questions with a few informational questions to help us categorize the responses better. It should only take you around five minutes to complete. 

You can access the survey at this link: bit.ly/bcps-comms-21

Thank you to those that have already responded; we look forward to hearing from everyone soon!
What is Early Literacy - and why is it important?
What greater joy is there for parents than reading a book to your child as they are nestled in your lap, listening to you read? And research proves, time and again, that this act of family bonding also has far-reaching consequences in setting our children up for success at every stage of their lives.

St. Nicholas Day
December is finally upon us! As we acclimate to the declining weather and prepare for the holidays, there’s one holiday that seems to sneak up on us: St. Nicholas Day, which is observed on December 6.

In the Spotlight
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