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The Newsletter of the American Massage Therapy Association  
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       Winter/Spring 2020                                                                                             V olume 26, Issue 3
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MARCH 12th-15th, 2020

Embassy  Suites
Lexington, Kentucky 
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Chapter Board

Caren McCarty
Lexington, KY

Board Member  (Odd Year)
JoAnn Klein

Board Member  (Even Year)
Eric Byrd

Kim Alexander
Lexington, KY

Financial Administrator 
Kala Carby
Bowling Green, KY

Communications Chair/Social Media
Devin Klein

Delegate (Even Year)
JoAnn Klein
Louisville, KY

Delegate (Odd Year)
Al Varghese
Lexington, KY


Chapter Phone:
(502) 354-3568
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AMTA-KY Chapter President Letter 
Hello, I hope this newsletter finds you all healthy and happy. Is everyone ready for Spring??  I am so ready! Not just for warmer weather! There is excitement in the air! The  AMTA-KY Chapter Board and Volunteers have been very busy with several important events coming your way in the next few months. Let's take a look...

  • Registration is open for the AMTA-KY 2020 Conference: T hursday, March 12 through Sunday, March 15, 2020 at the Embassy Suites in Lexington, KY. Our theme is "2020 - Envision Your Success" We will begin with our traditional Ethics Class held on  Thursday , March 12. Classes for the three Tracks and seven Modular Classes will begin on Friday, March 13 with some lasting through Sunday, March 15, 2020.  We'll have the Student/Educator Event, Exhibitor Hall and - new this year - we will have a Job Expo. Check your mail boxes for the brochure and you can register with this link... Click Here.    See more information below. I am so excited with this year's line up of Education and Networking.  I am looking forward to seeing my old friends and meeting new ones.  I hope you will join us.
  • Elections:  Your ballots for this year's AMTA-KY On-Line Elections can be found In your email. Please make sure you cast your vote for President, 2 Board Members (1 year term and a 2 year term), Secretary and Delegate. Show the Chapter that you really care by casting your vote. I would love to see a record number of members casting their vote. See more information below.


  • Meet our Lobbyist:  Once again Bob Babbage and his team will be addressing questions from the membership on Sunday, March 15 at our lunch break. If you are planning on only attending lunch, please contact our Registrars, Kala Carby and JoAnn Klein at or call 502-354-3568 to make your reservation.  The cost of the lunch will be $30.00 for those not attending the education portion of the conference. See more information below. 


As you can see there is quite a lot going on.  Please read the IMPORTANT information below written by Ann Boone from the Laws and Legislation Team. Keep yourself informed on your current laws.

NOTE:  Please make sure AMTA National has your correct AND most current  contact information so you will receive information about the AMTA-KY Chapter. Contact National at 877-905-2700.  ** Please check with your friend and colleagues...if anyone has opted out of receiving emails in the past, they will NOT receive any emails from the chapter.    They will have to opt back in.  Please have them call me at 
502-354-3568 if anyone needs help with this.

Best Regards,
Caren McCarty
AMTA-KY Chapter President

2020 AMTA-KY Chapter
Spring Conference 
March 12-15, 2020
(Thursday through Sunday)
Embassy Suites
1801 Newtown Pike
Lexington, KY

for The 2020 Spring Conference Brochure Link

 for CVENT Registration Link  

Conference co-coordinators are  Eric Byrd  and  Kim Alexander
If you have any questions, please contact them

If you are interested in volunteering at the 2020 conference, please contact
  Ann Phillips at

2020 AMTA-KY Elections

Please LOOK for your email from
for your Ballot to Vote for: 

2-year term (2020-2022) - Board Position
Board Member 2-year term (2020-2022) - Board Position
Board Member 1-year term (2020-2021) - Board Position
Secretary 2-year term (2020-2022) - Board Position

Cast your Vote by March 4, 2020
at 11:59 pm - Eastern Time

Election results  announcement & installation  of newly-elected volunteers will take place at  AMTA-KY Chapter Annual Meeting, M arch 14, 2020 at the the 2020 AMTA-KY Conference Business Meeting. 

If you have questions: Please contact our chapter's Online Elections Coordinator
Jeff Butler
by March 4, 2020
Laws and Legislation Update
Ann Boone, Laws and Legislation Chair

On 12/16/19, Denise Logsdon and I met with Representative Matt Koch, our bill sponsor, Bob Babbage and members of the Babbage Co-founder Group (Bob Babbage, Lauren Hogan, Rebecca Hartsough, and Julie Babbage) where we briefly presented what is now HB346. In a pre-session hearing, in front of the Joint Licensing and Occupations committee chaired by Adam Koenig, Ms. Logsdon presented highlights and Representative Koch spoke about any concerns that have been brought up and addressed to date. We thanked the committee for their consideration and Representative Koch and the Babbage group for their hard work and support for the bill. It was an eye opening and educational experience for me as I've never participated in the legislative process from the inside.

The pre-session hearing gave exposure of the bill to lawmakers in order to garner support for it before it was pre-filed for consideration in a House committee. After hearing comments, a draft of the bill was filed, assigned the number HB346, introduced and assigned to committees. It is scheduled to be heard by the House Licensing and Occupations Committee on March 4.

You may be asking, "What exactly does it mean to be assigned to a "committee"? I've had many questions as well. In order to pass and become a law or a regulation, the bill needs to pass House committee (with a majority vote by committee members), House floor, Senate committee (with a majority), and then the full Senate. The governor then has 10 days to act on the bill (Sundays excluded). He could sign it, let it become law without a signature, or veto it.

Emails and calls to legislators for bill support immediately before they vote on it will be helpful to promote our bill. Having therapists, their clients, friends and family call their district lawmakers/representatives regarding their support for the bill will be crucial at this time. The number to call is 1(800)372-7181 to leave messages in support of HB346. The operator will know who your representative is by your address. An email was sent out by AMTA on 2/28/2020 regarding getting this information out to as many equine/canine massage therapists as well. Please check your emails.

An important piece of this bill is an animal massage license under the KBLMT. The veterinarian board originally requested in December 2018 to attend a KBLMT meeting to discuss possible collaboration with KBLMT. Their main concern is that, currently, the consumer (i.e. horse or dog owners) have no recourse if an animal is injured in the course of an equine massage therapy session as there's no licensing and so no insurance or oversight. The veterinarian's laws and regulations require "direct supervision" by a veterinarian of an equine therapist.

We also presented to Chair Koenig that this bill will allow us to use BEMER, micro current and other PEMF devices which are currently out of our scope of practice. The bill lowers our CE requirement from 24 to 12 hours per renewal (which is still every 2 years). The bill also requires mandatory reporting by establishments, which employ or contract LMTs to do massage therapy, to report to the KBLMT any violation of our laws or regulations. We are also proposing that our massage licensing fees are moved from legislature into regulation where they can be decided by the KBLMT with public comment, rather than by the legislature which could happen by an  amendment unknown to the board or licensees. Moving fees into regulation will allow the KBLMT to set fees for licensing, fines, etc. This will be offset by the reduction of CE hours from 24 to 12 hours biannually. Once the bill is passed, it will begin the  regulation process including an open comment period. Bills become effective on July 1, then the regulations proposed first must be written for fees. AMTA-KY will keep members informed as to the timing of the public comment period, probably June to possibly early fall.

AMTA-KY, with help from the Babbage Co-founder group, will be monitoring KBLMT's discussions about the fees so that they are raised gradually over an extended period of time and do not become a prohibitive burden to LMT's, many of whom are part-time. The KBLMT cannot continue to function without raising the fees which has not been done in the 16 years the board has existed.

The Government Relations committee has been working very hard on this for the last year and we are excited to see this bill voted into law. Thank you to Denise Logsdon, the lead author of the bill, for all her hours of work and dedication to this bill. I also want to thank committee members for their attendance at monthly KBLMT meetings as well as their input and questions. Committee members include Caren McCarty, Jeff Butler, Jaime Carpenter, Phillip Daugherty , Kim Alexander and Al Varghese. None of this would be possible without all of you. Thank you!

Ann E. Boone, LMT, Inc.
AMTA-KY Government Relations chair
AMTA-KY Chapter Member Spotlight 
Jeff Butler

Meet Jeff Butler, the 2020 AMTA-KY Spring Conference Online Elections and AV Coordinator!

Jeff is married and has 2 cats.  He is the oldest of four children, and describes himself as the "cool uncle" to 11 nieces and nephews.  He is originally from northern Kentucky but has lived in Lexington for 16 years.  He left a position at UK Hospital in the clinical laboratory as a computer support associate to go to massage school and graduated in August of 2018 from Lexington Healing Arts Academy.  He says he got to the point of dreading going to work, so he looked for something that was on the opposing side of IT thinking it might be the answer to his issue.  It was massage therapy.  He says he hasn't looked back.

Since his graduation, Jeff has worked for Massage Envy and now works at Massage Strong in Lexington.  He enjoys working with clients who have office jobs because he can relate to what they do.  He incorporates stretching and movement into most of his sessions.  He joined AMTA as a student and has participated on the Government Relations committee since he became a member.  He says he enjoys observing the "inner workings" of the KBLMT.

Jeff ended the interview by saying although he doesn't have a plan specifically for 2020 and beyond right now, he is sure it will continue to include massage therapy.

Thanks for your contributions to AMTA-KY, Jeff!  

AMTA-KY Chapter Member Spotlight 
Devin Klein

Meet Devin Klein, Social Media and newly appointed Communications Chair for AMTA-KY!  Devin has been an AMTA-KY member for 3 years.  She joined AMTA-KY as a student.  She has a significant other, and a cat with lots of personality named Cyrano de Bergercat.  She has a degree in Marketing from Sullivan University, and an AA in Medical Massage from Spencerian College.  She loves to knit.

Devin works at JR Spa and Salon in Louisville, KY and says she loves her job.  She has been in massage for a short time, and uses all her tools in her tool kit to assist clients she sees in their journey to get out of pain.

Devin says her goals in 2020 include building her clientele further and she plans to "go with the flow".  

Thanks for all you do for AMTA-KY, Devin!