May 2018 Communicator ENewsletter
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Steve Curiel
President's Message    
As the president for CCAE I consider it a highlight and honor to have been a part of the 2018 CCAE Leg Day. Without a doubt the adult education voice was the loudest it has ever been in my 17 years of working in adult education. With hundreds of students and staff present at the rally, students across California who desperately need adult education services were well represented in Sacramento.
But this effort cannot end now; we must continue to engage our legislators, both in Sacramento and in their home districts. Make an appointment to either visit your legislator's home office or invite them to visit you at your school. Over the next two months it is critical that our legislators do not forget how important adult education is to a strong educational system that opens doors of opportunity to some of our neediest Californians.

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Jackie Euna Lheureux
Adult Learner,  Jackie Euna Lheureux, Tells Her Story
(San Mateo Adult School)
My name is Jackie Euna Lheureux. I am an ESL student at San Mateo Adult School. I am the Day Student Council Vice President. I went to the California State Capitol in Sacramento to explain adult education with San Mateo Adult School Director Tim Doyle, staff Marina, Day Student Council Secretary Williams Avelino, Evening Student Council President Misael Turcios.

We left the school at 6:30 a.m. and then we arrived there at 9 a.m. We had meetings at the city hall with five different Senators' (Scott Wiener, Kevin Mullin, Marc Berman,  David Chiu, and Jerry Hill) legislative aides. We explained to them about adult education. First of all, how important  adult education is for immigrants. Secondly, how the adult school assists us  to go to college and find jobs. For example, students find their own skills to  study, learn how to fill out a resume, and practice interview skills for jobs. Thirdly, the school is  going to try a new system for education. For example, students  study computer in the computer class and then get credit from San  Mateo College. And finally, we talked to them about how the school needs more funding . Also, we talked to them about our story about how adult  education has influenced our living in the U.S. We hope they will understand our  intention and help fund adult education.  I went to Sacramento two times - for CCAE Leg Day on Tuesday and Monday with San Mateo Adult School students. I saw many students want to participate of CCAE Leg Day. I think  that is a good idea to show them our opinion.

I think that next time we go to Sacramento, I am going to use a big voice to speak up for adult education. I will explain the opinions of other students to the legislative aides because I am the representative for the students. 

~Jackie and Day Student Council President, Wendy Samayoa, recently presented at the National COABE  Conference in Phoenix.
John Simpson
Spotlighting an Excellent Teacher: John Simpson -  L.A. Metropolitan Section, CCAE

Mr. John Simpson has been teaching for the Division of Adult and Career Education with the Los Angeles Unified School District since 1979. He has taught in individualized instruction labs, as well as teacher directed classes in adult basic education.
During his tenure, he has successfully assisted hundreds of students complete the requirements for their high school diploma. He has demonstrated to be knowledgeable, patient, and sensitive in working with diverse student populations. In essence, he has maintained a positive impact on student learning throughout his career.
Mr. Simpson is enthusiastic, cheerful, and an effective collaborator. He is particularly compassionate with, and committed to, students and their educational goals. He demonstrates attention to detail, eagerly seeks and fulfills new responsibilities, consistently strives for self-improvement, and takes the lead in school activities and professional growth opportunities.
Over the past 38 years, Mr. Simpson has been an active participant and contributor to CCAE conferences and events, both at the local and the state levels. He has been a CCAE member for over 25 years. He has an exemplary work ethic, and he has displayed excellence in his service and contributions to adult education, especially the students that he serves. The Los Angeles Metropolitan Section is honored and proud to have Mr. John Simpson as a member of their team.
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Take Action for Adult Education
Engage your legislators, a ssembly members, and senators .
There has not been a time in over 10 years when both legislative support and state funding have lined up so positively for adult education. Thanks to the recent work of our advocate, Dawn Koepke, and other key adult education supporters there is a state level interest in adult education. But that interest can quickly fade as other organizations also lobby for funding. Now is the time to engage locally. Visit your legislators. Call or email their offices. Speak with the staff. Let them know how important adult education is to your community and the students you serve. Listen to the CCAE key talking points  here
Engage your consortia. Much of the positive feedback we receive is around the work that is being done collaboratively with partner organizations in our regional consortia. We have come a long way to build relationships, create pathways to college and career, leverage funds and resources, and bring back services to adult learners. This collaborative work is providing adult school students opportunities for advancement that were not present or clearly available before. In addition, significant investments into student support services have also been made across programs. We must continue these collaborative efforts, and other promising practices, and truly create the seamless pathways and accelerated learning programs that our students need and that our state needs. In this way we will continue to demonstrate the superior value of adult education.
Engage your CCAE State Board. In order to best plan for the coming year, the CCAE State Board has embarked on a strategic planning process that will gather input from all aspects of the organization. A vital component of that input is your voice. Please take a few minutes to give us feedback here
Engage your students.  Of course, you already engage your students every day they are in class. But what we are talking about is engaging them a little deeper. What are their plans for the next year? What are their challenges? What jobs are they considering? What other schools are they considering attending? As we move into the world of increased accountability it is becoming more important to build strong relationships with our students so that we can better support them, possibly providing or connecting them to additional resources, but also better measure and report their successes. In many ways, those who engage with students frequently might be the most important component of the accountability system being developed.
Again, now is the time to engage. Next month might just be too late. Next week might be too late. Don't wait for someone else to stand up for you, your school, and your students. Now is the time to stand up and make your voice heard.