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Article by : Karen Stephenson, Scotts Canada
In April 2018 the Humboldt Broncos, a Canadian junior “A” ice hockey team from Humboldt, Saskatchewan were involved in a terrible tragedy in which 16 people lost their lives. People across Canada and the World were moved by the loss experienced by one small town in Saskatchewan. Like many Canadians, Scotts Canada felt a strong desire to honour those who lost their lives, and so, it partnered with Communities in Bloom and Landscape Saskatchewan / Landscape Alberta to offer the City of Humboldt a memorial garden. After years of planning and through a global pandemic the work of many volunteers and donors has brought this vision to reality.

The Humboldt Urban Garden Sanctuary (HUGS) was built to serve as a memorial to the sixteen people that lost their lives as well as to serve as an ongoing sanctuary for healing those that remained behind...
By Sarah Greenwood, Darwin Perennials Global Product Development Manager
If your landscape designs are frequented by fluffy garden thieves, you might find yourself wondering what plants can coexist with these creatures so that your flowers can thrive in all their nibble-free glory.

When talking about rabbit resistant plants, it’s worth noting that these are plants that are known to be less favorable to rabbits. However, if they are hungry enough, the rabbits are bound to branch out—meaning there are not really any plants that are completely rabbit proof. With that caveat in mind, here are a few of our favorite rabbit resistant plants to try in your next landscape....
Nepeta subsessilis Prelude™ Purple
Delphinium Red Lark
Article by : Joan Ransom & Tara Glaspey - Communities in Bloom Committee Members

We approached the Grade 6P French Immersion class at Ecole Centennial School and asked them why they think Stonewall is a great community. They created ‘word walls’ in both English and French and each came up with one word that they felt described our town.

When we spoke with the students they stressed how beautiful and green Stonewall is with many trees and flowers. They all love going for ice cream at The Kiln, or having a treat at Something Beautiful. The students like that we have a dog park where their pets can run off leash and many kids like spending time at VMSC playing or watching hockey and hanging out with their friends. The grade sixers feel that Stonewall is a safe town that is accepting of all, inclusive and eco-friendly. They think that there is visible history in town with the old limestone quarries and rocks in Quarry Park. Students have a feeling of pride or fiertè in our town and feel that it is bonne santé or healthy to live and learn here. This group was unanimous in their feeling that Stonewall is a cool, friendly, fun town to grow up in!
Dear friends of Communities in Bloom,
In October we will be celebrating our annual Symposium in Victoria, BC from October 20th to the 23rd. We are incredibly excited about coming together in person again after a 2-year hiatus. We look forward to recognizing and celebrating all participants and learning how each community has thrived as a result of the Communities in Bloom (CiB) process.  
In addition to our Symposium, we will also coordinate a month-long online virtual auction that will start October 1st and conclude October 31st
The CiB Online Auction is a special fundraiser that provides a two-fold purpose: the opportunity to enhance the showcasing of your community and a chance to support the Communities in Bloom program. Proceeds will go to Communities in Bloom, which supports: student bursaries in post-secondary education programs; environmental youth and green initiatives, workshops, seminars, and other educational content on the value of green spaces in society. 
To make this fundraiser a memorable one, we’re asking for your support. We’re looking for items to include in the auction. Items could be garden related or they could be gift certificates to a favorite restaurant. They could be trees and shrubs or they could be a cottage rental for a week in one of Canada’s vacation destinations. We’re open to all of your creative ideas that will ensure great success for Communities in Bloom and the legacy it provides.
If this is something you would be able to help with or know someone who can help, we would ask you to please complete our auction donation form before September 15th so we can get your product and donation onto the CiB auction website as soon as possible.
We also have sponsorship opportunities through our auction. Our Online Auction in 2021 was a great success, and we anticipate even more guests and bidders from across the country bidding on great items supporting the Communities in Bloom program. Perusing the auction site takes time and sponsoring this auction will ensure your brand is recognized by many Communities in Bloom supporters and for a significant amount of time as well. If this is something you would be interested in getting involved with, send Rebecca a note about CiB Auction Sponsorship at to discuss.
Thank you for taking the time to consider our requests. We’re thrilled you are part of the CiB family and are looking forward to hearing back from you.
Susan Ellis, Chair, Communities in Bloom
Every organization has a Garden Hero: a special person who inspires our love and passion for gardens and gardening. 
All garden/gardening organizations across Canada (society, association, club, etc.) are encouraged throughout the summer to select ONE of their organization’s members or volunteers who contributes in a special way as their garden hero. Each Garden Hero will be recognized as a Year of the Garden Hero of Canada, receive a certificate and be listed on the Year of the Garden 2022 website. 
Garden organizations are asked to register their Hero on the Year of the Garden 2022 website.
Ingenium Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, one of Nutrients for Life Canada ’s partners, has developed an exhibit that gives visitors a unique view into the ground beneath our feet. Soil Superheroes introduces the key components that make up soil and playfully describes the “superpowers” each of these (teams) has, the role they play in soil and their subsequent effect on plant growth.

It all starts off with Team Mineral which explores soil texture by looking at how Super Sand, Captain Clay and Secret Silt affect water filtration/absorption, aeration and plant growth. Team Critters depicts the living components (worms, bacteria, fungi, microorganisms, moles...) found in soil and how their superpowers enable them to recycle materials, aerate soil and provide nutrients for plants. Lastly Team Compost describes the importance of decomposers and the cycling of nutrients from organic matter back into elements that plants can use to grow strong and healthy.

Soil Superheroes ties in the importance of soil in crop production enabling us to nutritiously feed the world population, as well as provide medicines, fuels and building materials to it’s inhabitants.

The exhibit also looks at how humans have affected soil. From the effects of soil erosion, evolving farming practices that prevent erosion to the implementation of 4R Nutrient Stewardship to reduce nutrient loss into the atmosphere and nearby watersheds, this exhibit introduces the challenges that face soil and gives insight into the role humans play in keeping it healthy.

Soil Superheroes is an interactive engaging exhibit that is suitable for all ages. Through colourful graphics, interactive displays, soil profile dioramas and discovery soil science lab components, visitors can dig into the science of soil. Soil Superheroes, the exhibit, continues on at the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum in Ottawa until August 23rd, then it begins it’s tour across Canada bringing insight into the soil beneath your feet. Check out the touring schedule or book the travelling exhibit to come to your community. This is your opportunity to get to know a real superhero!

Equinox Environmental is proud to partner with Communities in Bloom as the Official Supplier of planters and waste management containers. Equinox Environmental is offering all participants a 10% discount on all orders. Please visit their website for more information.
Communities in Bloom (CiB) and Mark’s have partnered to offer 10% off regular priced items to all National and Provincial Registered Communities, contact your provincial liaison or the CiB National Program Specialist to get your voucher!
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