Dear Friends and Neighbors:

As firefighters have continuously worked towards 100% containment, it’s apparent that these wildfires have affected us all personally. Some have lost their homes, some were forced to evacuate, and some were constantly reminded of the devastation by the smoke filled skies, falling ash and the crimson-colored sun. My heart sank as I helped evacuate my in-laws from their home, and I was saddened to see members of my campaign team needing to evacuate as well. What I would like to call attention to is the incredible community-driven efforts that we have seen amidst these fires. You all have amazed me. Social media flooded with support efforts. Friends, family and complete strangers all worked hand-in-hand. Our coastal cities stepped up to assist those in need. More than ever, I am proud to be a member of this community and I am proud to be a resident of this beautiful county.

Without hesitation, we also came together to show unwavering support of the brave women and men who have worked tirelessly to fight these wildfires and preserve our homes, properties and our lives. They truly are heroes. In my August 5th newsletter, I highlighted the endorsements of Monterey County, Salinas and Seaside Firefighters. More than ever, I am proud to say that firefighters have stood with me in this election, and I will always stand with firefighters. I am committed to ensuring our firefighters have every resource they need, and I am continuously grateful for all that they do.

Speaking of endorsements, it has been another incredible couple weeks of new support for my campaign. I have proudly gained official endorsements from: 

  • Salinas Police Officers’ Association
  • Association of Management Personnel of Salinas
  • Seaside Police Officers’ Association  
With just over 60 days left until Election Day, my team and I are incredibly excited to see all the support that we have garnered recently. We know that we still have a long road ahead though, and we need your help to spread the word. An easy way to do that is with a yard sign! If you have not already, please consider requesting a sign today. If you had a sign in the primary, please email my Field Director, Matthew Mason, to let him know that you are still interested in one. If you have a place of business or a large corner lot and you would like to display a 4’x8’ sign, please email Matt and we will have one delivered to you.

Thank you for your support. Let’s win this election!

Stay safe. Stay well.
The McShane for Monterey County Supervisor Campaign needs your support. Please consider sharing this newsletter, volunteering or making a small financial contribution.
So many of you are searching for ways to help those who have been affected by our Monterey County Wildfires. Community Foundation for Monterey County created the Monterey County Fire Relief Fund to assist communities affected by current and future fires. Donations to the fund will support both immediate relief and recovery efforts.
With COVID-19 restrictions in mind, we have coordinated a very special drive-thru pick-up barbecue featuring a local butcher and local produce on Saturday, September 26th at Greater Victory Temple. Please consider purchasing a dinner for your family. View the event flyer and purchase tickets today!
As I mentioned above, I have proudly gained several strong endorsements in the last two weeks. I am so grateful to have the support of all those who believe in me and believe in my campaign for Supervisor. Click the button below to view a full list of official campaign endorsements.
Yard signs are going up! If you haven’t already requested a yard sign to show your Steve McShane for Supervisor support, fill out the form on our website by clicking the button below. Already have a sign? Consider asking your friends and neighbors to put one in their yard, too!
I support waiving annual permit fees for outdoor dining and retail as we continue to fight through this pandemic. As a Salinas City Councilmember, I supported delaying fees and have spoken clearly that fees should be cancelled altogether as long as COVID-19 impacts remain prevalent.
The McShane for Monterey County Supervisor Campaign needs your support. Please consider sharing this newsletter, volunteering or making a small financial contribution.
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