7th Circuit Court Rules in Favor of Transgender Youth in Landmark Case
Friday, June 2, 2017

Side by Side has been closely following the developments of court cases tied to transgender youth and access to public bathroom facilities, particularly in schools. We've worked to support Gavin Grimm and his family as a part of our Side by Side community as his case worked its way through the court system.

This week, Side by Side is celebrating the major court victory for transgender youth after a decision from the 7th Circuit Court. The court, which covers Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana, ruled on Tuesday that Ash Whitaker had the right to use the boys' bathroom (the bathroom that corresponds to his gender identity) in school. The three-judge panel unanimously agreed that denying Ash access to the boys' bathroom was not only in violation of Title IX, but also the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution.

This case is truly a landmark case, because it is the first ruling to include the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. Gavin's case was sent back to the 4th Circuit by the Supreme Court earlier this year because of the Trump Administration's decision to roll back protections for transgender students instituted by the Obama Administration under Title IX.

This new ruling affirms again that transgender youth should have access to public restroom facilities that correspond to their gender identity. "This ruling, and the 4th Circuit ruling in Gavin's case, continue to show that transgender youth deserve equal treatment, equal protection, and equal access to public space," said Side by Side Executive Director, Ted Lewis.

At Side by Side, we work closely with school systems and agencies to ensure LGBTQ+ youth not only survive, but thrive. Our training program, attended by thousands of professionals since 2008, continually provides up-to-date research and best practices on working with the LGBTQ+ population.  Through your support, we work to ensure Central Virginia's youth are given the resources necessary for success in life: an inclusive education, positive health, and an affirming community. We also welcome all opportunities to share our expertise!  To learn more, please visit www.sidebysideva.org/trainings  .
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