Fall 2022 Service-Learning
Request for Partnerships (RFP)
Community-Based Organizations:
submit your fall volunteer requests,
capacity-building project ideas,
and research questions!
The Service-Learning Request for Partnerships is open to any community-based organization, non-profit, school, or resident-led initiative that is interested in collaborating with a service-learning course to fill volunteer roles at your organization,
co-create community-based research, and/or support capacity building through project-based engagement. Start by reviewing the module below for more information on service-learning partnerships, our Request for Partnerships (RFP) process, and questions we ask in the submission form. Priority submission date is June 30th. 
Above: photo from our Spring 2022 Community Partner appreciation event: Sippin' Social.
Below: students organize a supply drive for course partner. Learn more in this digital artifact.
Explore Partnership Opportunities
Course & Partnership List for Fall 2022 RFP
This document is meant to serve as a guide for the types of partnership opportunities that are actively seeking collaborators. The list is not exhaustive in the opportunities or details, so please submit requests based on your community-based organization's goals and we will work with you to find the best fit.
Schedule a quick meeting to discuss partnership questions and possibilities!
Find a time to meet with CETR Program Manager, Chelsea using the Calendly link to the right. These can be quick touch bases or deeper conversations about structure and partnership opportunities.

When you're ready, submit to our Request for Partnerships Submission Form: