Chief Luna
A Message from
Police Chief Robert Luna

A police officer never comes to work hoping to become involved in a use of force but, on rare occasions, it happens. And when it does happen, the LBPD critically reviews every aspect of the incident to make sure that our officers only use force when necessary and consistent with the Department's policies and values of preserving life and protecting our community.
This year, in compliance with Senate Bill 1421 and Assembly Bill 748, you will be seeing comprehensive reports of LBPD records regarding use of force reviews which contain an unprecedented amount of information, context, and analysis regarding utilization of force by LBPD officers.
As we do with every incident, we learn and adjust in an effort to better serve our community. Our many ongoing efforts to further enhance our training and changes in operations to help reduce the necessity to utilize force in all encounters have made an impact within our Department.
For example, we enhanced our de-escalation training, expanded our mental health intervention training, and continue our scenario-based training, with a focus on decision-making and tactics for deadly force and non-deadly encounters. In addition, we continue to increase the deployment of less-lethal force options.
Although it is too early to draw concrete conclusions from the effectiveness of our new efforts, the Department has experienced a significant decline in officer-involved shooting incidents in the last 18 months, a 12% reduction in violent crime year-to-date compared to 2018, and over the last five years, we have seized 2,623 firearms, while continuing to focus on prohibited possessors.
Despite the low levels of force when compared to the number of contacts, arrests, and calls for service our officers face on a daily basis, we continue to improve our efforts to protect and serve you, by continuing to build partnerships and make Long Beach a safe City for all people.

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The L BPD  is excited to announce the utilization of the Neighbors app by  Ring  as a new investigative tool within the city. Detectives will be able to request video from app users to strengthen investigations. 
Join the department that supports and serves our diverse and thriving community of nearly 500,000 people. Join the department with a wide variety of assignments, job opportunities, benefits, and a drive to build public safety through partnerships. Join the department that is looking for the best people to serve the best community. Join our family, join our community, #JoinLBPD!

Now hiring Police Recruit and Police Officer-Lateral. 
The LBPD promoted new leaders including Assistant Chief Wally Hebeish who was appointed June 20th. Administrator Ruby Marin-Jordan was appointed on July 29th to the position of Professional Standards Officer. This is a new management position created to evaluate current policies and practices to ensure the LBPD continues to deliver the highest quality police services to the community and maintains the publics’ trust. Lieutenant Dina Zapalski was promoted to Commander and is the 6th female to attain this rank. She was appointed August 2nd and will oversee the Internal Affairs Division.
On the Patrol Beat

An arrest leads to the seizure of 6,000 pills containing fentanyl, which is dangerous and even a small amount can be lethal!

LBPD West Division Directed Enforcement Team seized multiple firearms from two separate incidents resulting in the arrest of two individuals. One suspect was arrested for shooting in an inhabited dwelling, the other suspect used the weapon during an assault, therefore the weapons were seized at the time of the arrest. Great work getting these guns off our streets!

Class 94 began their first day at the LBPD Academy 2 weeks ago, wish them luck for the 24 more weeks to go!

In partnership with the  Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation, our LBPD  officers volunteer their time to play with their Youth Clinic athletes for the third year in a row!

Labor Day from Fleet Week!
Back to School
As schools go back in session, we want to encourage you to remind children to think before they post online. While there is no current threat to our schools, we are committed to fully investigate thr eats of any kind and will take appropriate enforcement action when necessary. Our focus is on ensuring the safety of students, school staff and community members. Remember to think before you post and if you “See Something, Say Something.”

Dial (562) 435-6711 to report suspicions activity or 9-1-1 for emergencies.
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See Something, Say Something!
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