We Need a Park
Dear Neighbor,

Thank you to each and every person to participated in yesterday's City Hall hearing.  Your participation made a huge difference in preparing for the next step to win a park for our community.  The fight is not over.

You came out in force to ask the Chicago Plan Commission to require a 15 acre park in the soon to be redeveloped North Branch Industrial Corridor.  DNAinfo  and the  Sun-Times  covered the hearing.

The Chicago Sun-Times editorialized in our favor that the plan "should include an upfront commitment to significant, usable open space."

Ken Feldbein, Vice President of Wrightwood Neighbors Association: "W e need more parks."
Kenneth Dotson, President of Lincoln Central Association
Jan Bail, longtime Lincoln Park Neighbor 

Reatha Kay, President of Ranch Triangle Association: " Linear space is no equivalent to open space."
Grant Gugino and Derek Patton, players of Oz Park Baseball Association testifying

Ted Wroblewski, Vice-President, Sheffield Neighborhood Association

You can see more photos on our Facebook page.

I offered these  remarks :

"This plan will most likely result in a patchwork of open spaces attached to planned developments, few if any, will be suitable for sports.

This is not a realistic vision.  Chicago must require a development of this size to include true public open space for sports such baseball, soccer, ice skating, and the like. To do otherwise is shirking entrusted government responsibility to plan for its citizens.

The failure of this approach is demonstrated by the plan itself.  In the original drafts (Dec. 2016), DPD staff suggested  potential areas  for "civic space" such as scenic overlooks of a couple of acres each. In the final report (may 2017), these  identical  spaces are relabeled as "recreational space," and still a couple acres each."

My full remarks can be found here.

I was proud to stand with you today and fight for your quality of life in our city. Together we will press on to make a recreational park a reality.  We will keep you posted on next steps and opportunities to work towards this goal.


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