Community Catch - December 2022
We wish you a Happy New Year!

Your time, energy, and gifts in 2022 made it possible for us to help more than 12,000 unduplicated residents with food, emergency financial assistance, and one-on-one mentoring. In NOVEMBER ALONE, your contributions supported 1,028 visits to our marketplace where we distributed 135,226 pounds of food!

What Our Neighbors Are Saying...

  • "FISH staff and volunteers are so genuinely kind and welcoming. It makes it less scary when they are so lovely. The food selection is very good as well. I love the variety and the quality. We couldn't afford groceries like this, so it has drastically improved our quality of life.”

  • “I feel like crying every time I go to FISH because I am so grateful for the things I am able to get for my family in these tough times.”

  • “Honestly, if it wasn’t for FISH I have no idea how I would have been able to feed my daughter. My daughter brings friends over whose families don’t have any food, so I pay it forward by making dinner for the kids in our complex...”

  • “Being a refugee and being here from thousands of miles away, it is difficult to establish a life. FISH’s support has been instrumental in supplying food and other financial services. It helped me take care of the basics of life.”

  • “The people at FISH make my family feel truly welcome... The food is critical to my family's health, but the people are the best part. When we are there we do not feel like a poor family needing to use a food bank. We feel like we are their favorite visitors getting sent home with food and JOY!”
As we celebrate with our loved ones and reflect on 2022, we cannot forget about those who continue to struggle–our neighbors who worry about how they will feed their children or where they will sleep at night. This year has been an especially tough one for low-income residents, with skyrocketing rents and the high price of food and gas making it even more challenging for families to survive. 

The stories from our community are heartbreaking, but you can make a difference! An end-of-year gift can help bring comfort and much needed stability to families in need by allowing us to continue providing food, emergency financial assistance, and one-on-one mentoring support. At Broomfield FISH, we strive to be the best steward of your donation, and 95 cents of every dollar donated go directly to the families we serve.
Taxpayers, including married individuals filing separate returns, can claim a deduction of up to $300 for cash contributions to qualifying charities (the maximum deduction is $600 for married individuals filing joint returns). Learn more here or speak with or your tax professional for more information.
Volunteer Spotlight:
David and Kathy von Rosenberg
David and Kathy first volunteered with FISH to pack Thanksgiving boxes at their church, Broomfield United Methodist, about 10 years ago. In September of 2020, after David retired and in the thick of the pandemic, they started volunteering regularly. In August 2021, they joined the Monday morning crew. Their son, Justin, joins them when he's on school breaks. As David and Kathy share, "Each week that we volunteer, we like that there are different things to be done. We're glad to know our efforts provide a dignified shopping experience for those in need." When they are not at FISH, they enjoy hiking, snowshoeing, and traveling as a family. In addition, Kathy enjoys reading and needlework, and David plays piano regularly for their church worship services and works on composing his own arrangements. Thank you so much David and Kathy for all you do for FISH and for our neighbors in need!
Thank You, Guys Who Give!

This month, we received a generous contribution from our local Guys Who Give - Broomfield of $4,350 to prevent hunger and homelessness for families in need! Thank you to all of the chapter members for making this possible!

Among all of their chapters, Guys Who Give has provided over $1,500,000 to nonprofits across the country. The Broomfield Chapter alone has contributed an incredible $61,500 in just 18 hours of event time. They are making a lot of good happen!

If you are interested in getting involved and making an impact in our community, Guys Who Give is welcoming new members! Visit their website,, or reach out to Chapter Administrator Arik Brum at for more information.
Helping Our UNHOUSED Neighbors

Our cold weather care program has changed this year thanks to a new partnership with Almost Home, a local nonprofit that provides assistance to those experiencing housing instability and homelessness. Almost Home now manages the hotel voucher system for both Adams and Broomfield Counties through "SWAP," the Severe Weather Activation Plan. FISH currently serves as an intake location for our unhoused neighbors in Broomfield County when Almost Home activates SWAP, and they distribute vouchers based on the number allocated to our county. Another partner organization, The Refuge, continues to be a warm and welcoming day shelter where neighbors can get a meal, shower, and conversation.

About SWAP: SWAP works with those who are connected to Adams County and Broomfield County services. This program assesses households and administers hotel/motel vouchers directly to unhoused neighbors when the weather poses a threat to their safety. SWAP activates when weather conditions are expected to meet the following conditions:
  • 32°F or below and wet (rain or snow)
  • 20°F and below and dry

Homelessness on the Rise: In the last calendar year, FISH met with 170 people who were experiencing homelessness, up from 87 the previous calendar year. Many of these neighbors were sleeping in cars, on people's couches, or outdoors. Homelessness is an issue that affects our whole community, and we will continue working with key local partners to identify best practices for supporting our unhoused population.
Up and Coming
  • Help keep our community healthy, safe, and strong by getting vaccinated! To learn about COVID vaccine opportunities in Broomfield, please click here.
  • Bal Swan Children's Center will be hosting their 2023 "Our Future is in Bloom" Ball on February 25, 2023. Register for tickets here.
  • If you are a parent looking for extra resources, you can find more offerings from Broomfield Early Childhood Council here.
  • SAVE THE DATE! Broomfield FISH's 2023 Embracing Hope Luncheon will be held on Thursday, October 26th, 2023 at the Lionsgate Event Center. More details to follow...