(September through October)
American Heritage Bank is implementing a new way to give back to those in need & struggling in our community.

We are calling it the "Community Chest!"

How it works...

  • We will be collecting donations in our "Community Chest," to bless a struggling community member facing financial hardship.

  • A new family or person will be chosen every two months! If you know of someone struggling due to unforeseen circumstances, let us know.

  • Each donation will be a complete surprise to the person or family.

  • American Heritage Bank will pledge a matching donation up to $1,000 for each two month period.
Thank You!
During our last donation period through July & August, your donations were collected for a local community member who recently lost his father and his wife. This person also sustained a workplace injury, and could no longer work to pay bills.

AHB matched your donations up to the $1,000 threshold and together, we were able bless this man in need!

Everyone goes through hard times. The smallest, kind gesture can turn away despair and lift the spirits of those struggling. Please continue to help with our cause through September and October.

Thank You for your contributions. Thank You for spreading love in our community. Thank You for being the best part of American Heritage Bank!


Your AHB Family

If you would like to contribute, please ask about the "Community Chest" at our branches in Clovis & Melrose.

If you know of a community member in dire need because of unforeseen circumstances, please let us know.

Please spread the word & share on social media!