AHB News Update
American Heritage Bank is implementing a new way to give back to those in need & struggling in our community. We are calling it the "Community Chest!"
How it works...

  • We will be collecting donations in our "Community Chest," to bless a struggling community member facing financial hardship.

  • A new family or person will be chosen every two months! If you know of someone struggling due to unforeseen circumstances, let us know.

  • Each donation will be a complete surprise to the person or family.

  • American Heritage Bank has also pledged a matching donation of the total funds collected for each two month period.
Last Month
Last month over $700 dollars was graciously donated by AHB employees to someone whose house had burned down in the Clovis area.
This Month
We are collecting to bless a family that will have large expenses, not covered by medical insurance, due to a long term hospital stay of 40+ days out of state.
If you would like to contribute, please ask about the "Community Chest" at our branches in Clovis & Melrose.