The Community Church Presents

Worship on the Screen - Sunday @ 10:00 a.m

"Mercy, Mercy, Mercy"

(Part two of a three-part series on the 

Parable of the Prodigal Son from Luke 15)

Rev. Sean Miller, preaching

with NOT-TO-MISS music, featuring

The Good on Sunday Band

Terry Moran, guitar and vocals

Eliott Delman, guitar

Ken Hall, keyboard

Fred Koch, bass

Danny McMurray, drum


Thanks to all who came by for ashes and a fire pit on a beautiful, sunny Ash Wednesday afternoon.


BIG thanks to Teddi Koch and Mary Jo Stevenson-for coordinating special valentines deliveries from our Roots and Wings friends!

IMG_7060 _1_.jpg
Many of you have participated or are familiar with the Lenten Program, 40daysofpeace; an inspiration delivered daily to your inbox during Lent. The focus this year is on you, and cultivating peace that rests within each of us. The contemplative practice of getting quiet, and listening is a wonderful way to become grounded and clear amidst the changing seasons of our lives. 
"Silence is the one spiritual discipline that is found in all world religions," says Father Richard Rohr. 
Commit to cultivating 40+days of peace and quiet by signing up at

Let's break bread together!

We would like to get our Dinner Groups together again, but this time via Zoom.

When - The Host will determine the date.

What - A dinner recipe will be sent out by the Host, so you can create it & eat together via Zoom.

Where - In your own home.

(Zoom link will be supplied)

Who - By yourself or with someone in your home and the others will join by Zoom.

To Host or Attend Contact Pam By Clicking Here

Now Playing!

Produced by the Community Church 2019 Women's Dinner speaker Allyn Stewart releases in theaters today (showing at HP Renaissance Theater.) It's a story of spiritual survival, as a woman journeys into the wilderness, trying to navigate her way through profound grief. 

Allyn began production coordination of "Land" from the Stuart Room in April 2019, after speaking to our community about her process of creating films and drawing out stories that bring awareness to the human condition.  She explained her process as a spiritual one, attributing meditation and drawing from the heart wisdom found at each of our core.  “I feel there is magic, divine energy out there in the woods of the unconscious,” she shared. There most definitely is in "Land."


See you Sunday on the Screen!

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