October 2019
October is National Depression and Mental Health Screening Month
Imagine if screenings for mental health conditions like depression were as routine a part of our healthcare experience as screenings for cholesterol or cancer. Mental health screenings are a simple way to explore mental health and determine whether an issue is short-term and situational or might need the attention of a mental health professional. 

Studies show that 75% of mental health conditions begin by age 24, but at the same time, the average delay from when symptoms first appear to beginning treatment is 11 years. And it’s estimated that about 6.7% of Americans experience a major depressive episode each year. 

With routine mental health screenings, issues can be detected earlier on when then are easier to treat. Getting the attention and intervention needed early can help reduce the burden of depression and help people better manage their health, and there are a variety of ways to access screenings. 

Take an online screening: On the Mental Health America website there are a variety of free, confidential, anonymous mental health screenings online for depression, anxiety, PTSD, and many other conditions. Keep in mind, these screenings are not a diagnostic instrument, but can help you determine if you need further support. It’s encouraged that you share your results with your physician or healthcare provider for follow up. 

Talk to your doctor: Mental health and physical health are closely related. If you have a primary care physician that you see regularly, they can work with you to be screened, as well as make recommendation for further diagnosis and treatment. 

Give us a call: Contact Jefferson Center at 303-425-0300 and our staff will help direct you to the right resources and professionals to talk with.

Even the most severe cases of depression can be treated, and early treatment also helps lessen long-term disability and prevent years of suffering. Help us normalize the conversation around mental health and mental health screenings by taking a screening of your own, or by reaching out to a friend or loved one to ask how they’ve been doing and to share resources.
4 ways to become a mental health ally
Help others speak up and seek help
If you don't live with a mental health condition, it's very likely that someone close to you does. Unfortunately, there are still many negative stereotypes around mental health conditions, which often keep people from talking about it or seeking help when they need it.

It’s up to all of us to be good mental health allies and provide support when our friends need it the most.

Learn more about how you can promote an environment of acceptance and support on our Mental Health Matters blog.
Jefferson Center wins Mental Health First Aid Instructor of the Year Award at the Rockies Annual Summit
Congratulations to our instructor, Juan Escobedo!
At the 2019 Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) of the Rockies Annual Summit last month, Jefferson Center instructor Juan Escobedo was presented the Instructor of the Year Award !
This award is given to an individual at an organization who has made an outstanding impact towards the vision of making Mental Health First Aid as common as basic first aid and CPR courses.
This was the first time Jefferson Center has won this award, and Juan was chosen thanks to his contributions in helping Jefferson Center reach our Spanish-speaking communities and connecting them with resources and mental health services by teaching MHFA. In just 18 months, Juan trained over 135 people, most who are primarily Spanish speakers.
Providing Mental Health First Aid in Spanish is just one of the ways that Jefferson Center provides services to our diverse and growing community, and we look forward to offering more of these opportunities and resources in the future. 
Helping Kids Thrive provides Jeffco parents skills and resources to help children of all ages
Jefferson Center partners with Rotary Club of Golden for second conference and wellness fair
Last month, in partnership with Jefferson County Schools and other community organizations, we held our 29 th  annual Helping Kids Thrive Parenting Conference 
A long-standing staple in the community, families and parents from all over the county look forward to this free event each year that provides hands-on, practical information to help kids of all ages grow in positive ways.
The conference included parenting topics from early childhood to the teenage years, and featured new classes tackling current parenting topics including nutrition and mental health, caring for LGBTQ and gender non-conforming youth, and how to help kids feel safe when their world feels out of control.
This year, the Rotary Club of Golden hosted a second Helping Kids Thrive Parenting Conference and Wellness Fair at Bell Middle School in Golden, marking the first collaboration of this type of combined event in Golden.
A big thank you to our community partners for their participation and volunteering to make this a success, with both dates selling out in advance and over 500 parents and caregivers in attendance!  
What's happening in mental health this month
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