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Spring 2018
Mom to Moms - Tips to Cope When Your Emotional Tank is Running Dry
This article was first published in our Mental Health Matters Blog in May 2017. Since April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, it's a good time to remember how important it is for parents to take care of themselves too.

If you've ever felt like your emotional tank is running dry, you're not alone.  The good news is there are ways to fix that weary drain before it drags you down. 
We don't have to be "everything to everyone."
Teacher, nurse, chef, maid, financial advisor, chauffeur ... moms tend to wear a plethora of hats.  However it is important to take care of yourself so you can take care of your child(ren).

Walk-In Crisis Center Moving to Shared Withdrawal Management Location

On April 14, the new Crisis and Recovery Center at 4643 Wadsworth Blvd in Wheat Ridge, will be the new home of the Crisis Walk in Center as well as Withdrawal Management (detox).


"We are thrilled to offer this new innovative approach to easy and convenient access for people in crisis.  This new single point of entry  will be a great benefit to our community", stated Dr. Harriet Hall, CEO and President of Jefferson Center. "Together with the incredible support of our community partners, Jefferson Center is not only filling a gap in critical substance use treatment services, but we are improving access to mental health care."


With the move, both withdrawal management and walk in crisis services will be together under one roof. The idea of the Crisis and Recovery Center came into focus nearly a year ago, when Jefferson Center took on the withdrawal management program on Wadsworth, previously operated by Arapahoe House. The idea was to offer law enforcement, hospitals and community members a single access point and better options for both substance use and mental health crises. Anyone with a behavioral health crisis can come to this new location, and receive either mental health or substance use services, or both. Both programs offer 24/7/365 services, and provide a one-stop shop for law enforcement and hospitals. Additionally, it is a safe, comfortable and convenient location for members of our community.

Join us at our Diamond Anniversary Celebration!

Jefferson Center is celebrating our 60th birthday! Join us to share the memories at our Diamond Anniversary Celebration.
At the Celebration, we shine the spotlight on Dr. Harriet L. Hall, CEO & President of Jefferson Center. For nearly four decades, Harriet has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to making a difference in the lives of people with mental health and substance use disorders, their families, and our community.
This year's special appeal will raise critical funds for our substance use disorder services and Mental Health First Aid.
We are so grateful for 60 years of community support and hope to celebrate this milestone with you!

Seating is limited! Make your reservation today!
Storytellers of Jefferson Center
Dr. Kathy Baur, Doctoral Psychology Internship Coordinator
In celebration of our 60th year, we are reminiscing with employees and others who have been involved with Jefferson Center over the years. 

So you've been here over 20 years - what was your job like when you started?

I started with Jefferson Center in October of 1998. It was an exciting time. I was originally hired to start an integrated care program with Metro Community Providers Network (MCPN). When I joined them, MCPN had only two providers in Jefferson County. At that point we were a little bit too far ahead of the curve because we didn't have the systems in place to do fully integrated care. So we built a hybrid where we had more traditional mental health care but we still had the behavioral medicine piece.

How have things changed at Jefferson Center over the years?

In 20 odd years we've grown from being so small to this large organization, which brings a lot of changes. But the thing that I've noticed that has been the same is the staff that are so dedicated to helping people. From Central Intake staff making sure clients get set up for the right services, the front desk staff helping the clients feel welcome, the clinicians providing treatment, to the staff who support it all - together we all work hard to make sure from our clients get the care they need as best as we can provide it. We've changed how we do it but the care and compassion is still there for the clients.

In   addition to my regular work for the Center, I also work at the Walk-In Crisis Center, and I can't tell you how many times people from other counties come into our location rather than the clinic that is closer to where they live. Literally, we had a man drive 45 minutes to our walk-in clinic because he felt more welcomed, more supported. That happens a lot more frequently than we expected. And it makes me so proud to be part of this organization.
Celebrate the Good News!

Jefferson Center is proud to be involved in the Good News Coalition of Jefferson County. Since 1989, this group has been celebrating the positive impact that Jefferson County churches and synagogues, service and professional organizations, businesses and school have had on the community. 
Jefferson Center is a nonprofit, community-focused mental health care and substance use services provider. We offer hope and support to individuals and families who are struggling with mental health issues and substance use disorders.
Serving our community is at the core of everything we do.

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