Saturday, February 12, 2022
Collections and Connections

You might think that as a heritage organization, Rivers of Steel focuses on the past. That is true in some cases, but more often our work focuses on the intersection of what’s happening in our communities today and where we, along with the members of those communities, hope they’ll be in the future.

Today's Community Spotlight story highlights that intersection, sharing how century-old technology is being brought back to life to make an incredible collection of historic images available for future generations. In the process, it offers a fuller picture of what life was like for our region's workers and their families.

Heritage crafts are another bridge that connect the past with the future—and today's Heritage Highlights offers up a traditional activity to keep kids creatively engaged.

Rivers of Steel is an organization not only at a crossroads in time, but also in focus. From heritage to science, art to innovation, our work in communities across the region brings together different ideas and stories to strengthen our connections with one another. If this particular confluence appeals to you, consider joining our team. Read on to find out what positions Rivers of Steel is hiring for.
Workers from the American Steel & Wire Company. Photo from Donora Historical Society's Bruce Dreisbach Collection.
Community Spotlight: Glass Plate Negatives Tell a Story in Donora
In the archives of the Donora Historical Society there exists a very special collection. Comprised of thousands of glass plate negatives, the Bruce Dreisbach Collection offers a window into the lives of workers from American Steel & Wire Company and their families from the early 1900s. Today, that collection is being digitized.
A screengrab from the Heritage Hightlights: How to Write Calligraphy with Benjamin Aysan—Bookmark Project video tutorial.
Heritage Craft Kits
Our latest Heritage Highlights story features a recent collaboration between Rivers of Steel, the Carnegie Library of Homestead, and Turkish calligrapher Benjamin Aysan.

Designed as a creative outlet for children, the project teaches the basics of calligraphy and provides an opportunity to take home the needed materials from the library.
Rivers of Steel staff members Brianna Horan and Angela Biederman during a program on the Explorer riverboat.
Rivers of Steel is Hiring
Rivers of Steel is excited to announce that we are hiring!

We are in search of candidates for one new full-time position—a tourism coordinator—and several part-time positions for each of the following job roles: school program educators, tour guides, and deckhands. 

Qualified candidates come from a wide range of educational and professional backgrounds. Take a look at the job descriptions to see which might be a good fit for you or someone you know!
Help preserve our region’s industrial and cultural heritage! Your tax-deductible contribution will help ensure that Rivers of Steel can continue to offer vital, engaging, community-based arts, education, and heritage programs for the residents of southwestern Pennsylvania and beyond.