This Fall, we all seem to have a lot on our minds: COVID-19 and its effect on our lives, our upcoming elections and all the other things going on.  Some days lately may have felt tough, which is why this year is the perfect time to figure out unique ways to connect, build resilience and take action!
That is why we hope you will commit to attend our virtual conference November 5-6, 2020.  Among the reasons to attend, having a place and people to learn from, laugh with (we will!) and connect is so needed right now.  
While I miss the normal opportunities to see people in person, I am really excited to see on our conference APP the friends and colleagues I have made over the years who have dedicated their lives to promoting the need for health advocacy and support health advocates.  I hope to see you there!
Stay safe and mask up,

Robin Shapiro
WASHAA Board Chair

Community Conversation
COVID-19 & The Future of Assisted Living
When: October 19, 2020 | 11:00am - 12:00pm (PST)
Where: Online via Zoom (Register Here)
Cost: FREE

Join WASHAA for our Community Conversation about COVID-19 and the Future of Assisted Living.  

As we have learned more about COVID-19 some of our behaviors have changed. We will explore how our current experience will inform how seniors are coping with changes to their home living situation and what the future of Assisted Living may be different. We will also have a COVID-19 update on current news, trends and projections.

Speakers Include:
  • Dale Reisner, MD, Medical Director (OB/GYN Quality & Safety) at Swedish Health Services
  • Nisan Harel, Vice President of Operations, ERA Living
Join us November 5-6, 2020 for our National Virtual Conference focused on health advocacy!

We are looking forward to hosting advocates, providers, allied health businesses, patients and caregivers as we gather (virtually!) to explore the topic of Whole Person Advocacy: Integrating Mental Health.
Registration is now open through November 4!  Join 200+ other attendees who are signed up to attend.  Here are some reasons you might want to attend:
  • Meet Advocates from across the country and grow your network - where else will you be able to meet and direct message other advocates you might not otherwise see? We will also be having two small break-out sessions so you can talk live with individuals.
  • We are working on hosting Meet Ups for regional, state and/or special interest groups.  These Meet Ups will be at the end of the day on Thursday, Nov 5 at 3 pm PT/6 pm ET.  This should be a fun and easy way to meet other attendees from your geographic area.
  • We will have 10-11 BCPA CEs that are available for the conference and don't worry if you cannot attend all live, the Whova Platform APP will be available after the conference and you will be able to access the content for at least three months.
  • We have an amazing group of Sponsors and Partners!  More than 30 organizations are supporting this conference - you can meet them at the Exhibit Booths during the conference.
  • Snag an Xperience Box -- A limited number of Xperience Boxes will be available for purchase ($30 plus shipping) to help enhance your participation in the conference. These physical boxes will be filled with fun, educational and useful items to help you engage with the content and networking opportunities offered at the conference.  Boxes will be delivered about a week before the conference.

Mental and behavioral health issues plague our society, but it wasn't until recently that research has proven that including mental health management into clinical care can improve health outcomes and save money.  What does this mean for patient care?  Many states have a goal of integrating mental health into primary care, but is this really happening? Our 8th Annual Conference will explore innovative health care models and programs that show us how integrative health strategies can heal the whole person.   While we will be meeting in a virtual environment, please plan join us for a whole day of learning, engaging with our community and practicing techniques in an interactive and fun way.


Other Meetings & Events You Might Enjoy
Fostering Psychological Resilience  
Presented by Ann Marie Roepke, Ph.D.
These are strange and frightening times. More than ever, providers need the skills and relationships that help us to be resilient. Resilience is about making it through hard times with the least suffering and the greatest well-being possible. Participants will explore strategies for building up resilience while managing the impact of 2020's challenges. Topics we will cover include reconnecting with values, meaning and purpose; finding self-compassion as we face challenges; and establishing self-care practices. This interactive training includes lecture, online interaction, and information about tools and activities to use on your own after the training.    

COST = $85 per person

TuesdayOctober 20, 6:00-8:30 PM

This program has been approved for CEUs by the NASW Washington State Chapter. Licensed Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists and Mental Health Counselors are eligible. Provider number is #1975-459 
Introduction to Motivational Interviewing 
Presented by Ann Marie Roepke, Ph.D.

How can we help our clients make positive changes in their behavior - without nagging, shaming, persuading or arguing? Motivational interviewing (MI) is an evidence-based approach to communication that can help individuals change behaviors they might feel ambivalent about, such as exercising, quitting or changing alcohol/drug use, adopting safer sex practices, taking important medications, starting psychotherapy, or pursuing other personally meaningful goals. In this interactive training, participants have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of MI in a variety of ways including lecture, demonstrations, discussions, and experiential role-play exercises.

COST = $175 per person

·  Part I - Tuesday, October 27, from 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM 
·  Part II - Tuesday, November 3, from 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

This program has been approved for 6 CEUs by the NASW Washington State Chapter. Licensed Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists and Mental Health Counselors are eligible. Provider number is #1975-459.
Law and Ethics Webinar
Recordkeeping for Mental Health Providers | Serve Clients, Protect Providers, and Follow the Law 
Presented by Frances Schopick, JD, MSW
This interactive presentation invites attendees to regard recordkeeping as an opportunity to not only serve clients' needs but to also protect themselves in the event of an audit or legal action.  Attendees learn how to optimize documentation in order to maintain records and write notes that support clinical practice, survive scrutiny, and serve clients as best they can.  
Telehealth questions about the impact and risks of mental health practices rapidly 'going virtual'  will be addressed.

COST = $175 per person

·  Part I - Thursday, October 29, from 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM
·  Part II - Thursday, November 5, from 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM

This program has been approved for 6 CEUs by the NASW Washington State Chapter. Licensed Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists and Mental Health Counselors are eligible. Provider number is #1975-459 
A 5 Week Virtual End-of-Life Planning Workshop
Thursdays 10/22, 10/29, 11/5, 11/12 & 11/19
5-6:30 pm (PST)
Purchase today for only $299

COVID-19 has shown me that we never know what's around the corner. We can be fine one minute and hospitalized the next. One thing that gives me peace of mind is that all of my end-of-life planning is decided and documented. And, I've discussed it with my family. Whew! My family will not have to guess what I would want done if I can't decide for myself.

What about you-do you have your end-of-life plans in order?
If not, belly up to the front row in this course to get the value promised and avoid the challenges that can befall you if you don't do anything at all.

You will learn:
  • How values influence your goals and preferences for end-of-life care
  • How death experiences shape how we approach talking about our wishes
  • What is Advance Care Planning and why it is important
  • Options for burials and funerals-Learn the right choice for YOU
  • How to talk with your family about your wishes
  • And so much more
WASHAA Calendar
October 19: COVID-19 & The Future of Assisted Living (Register Here)
November 5-6: WASHAA Annual Conference - Whole Person Advocacy: Integrating Mental Health (Register Here)
December 6: Professional Networking Meeting

Although WASHAA speakers can give presentation on many topics, here are a few of our popular presentations: 
  • Advance Care Planning (In partnership with Honoring Choices)
  • Taming Your Medicine Cabinet
  • The ABCs of an Effective Doctor Visit
  • Patient Know More...Patient No More!
  • The Emerging Field of Health Advocacy 
  • Safe & Sound in the Hospital: A Short Course in Patient Safety 
  • Volunteer Health Advocate Training: Understanding the Role & Skills to Be Effective
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