March 8, 2021
The Community Education Newsletter
Student Spotlight: Makbule Sahin
My name is Makbule. I’m from Turkey. I moved to Lancaster in November 2019. I have known that moving to a new place will not be easy and if I want to have a good life I should learn English. When I moved to Lancaster I began to research a program that would help me improve my English, but I had a problem, I didn't have enough money for the college or special classes. However, when I researched the IU13 Community Education program I was surprised because it was completely free and the class time-synchronized with my school children. 
I had three classes at IU13. Each of them was completely improving my English skills. I always feel my teacher’s intense care. IU13 always offers me extra things such as speaking, or they give me advice about my career plan. I met a lot of people from all over the world. In this multicultural place, I did not feel lonely in a new place. We began virtual learning after the pandemic. We learned English at the same time the classes gave us some morals which I need during the pandemic. 
At the end of a year, I feel more comfortable when I communicate with doctors, teachers, and neighbors. I still have difficulties, especially speaking. Nevertheless, When I think about the last year I see how I learned a lot of things at IU13. It gives me hope for the future. At the end of my learning survey, I want to help people like me. 
Makbule Sahin
"Be Kind" Signs Still Available
This year IU13 Community Education's Refugee Center and Community School at Reynolds (RCCSR) has printed yard signs with “BE KIND” on one side and “Respect Our Differences” on the other side. This sign distribution campaign is serving as a fundraiser for the RCCSR Middle School in Lancaster city. It is also designed to spread one of the keys to IU13’s culture: kindness. These signs may be the perfect holiday gift for friends and family, available for a suggested donation of $10. 

We want to send a huge THANK YOU to our partners who are helping us spread our message to BE KIND and RESPECT OUR DIFFERENCES. You can pick up signs and make a donation at one of the following sponsoring locations:

Consider making a purchase at the above businesses when you are there!
Partner With Us
Adult learners need services now more than ever due to the COVID-related emotional and economic havoc they are experiencing. We need your help to give adult learners a chance to get back on their feet! Please support us through your gifts of time and funding.
Classes, Resources, Services, and Trainings
Check out our class, resource, service, and training list at the bottom of this newsletter.
Check out Tim Talk at the bottom of the newsletter for important updates from our program director.
High School Equivalency
HSE Student Incentive Program
In order to support students in their pursuit of a high school equivalency, IU13 Community Education began offering an incentive program in January. Adult students face significant obstacles in achieving their academic goals--children, significant others, work--and encouragement at each milestone is valuable.

After completing orientation, students are awarded a school supplies starter pack. After perfect attendance for the first two weeks of classes, a GED textbook awaits the student. Additional milestones include attendance for 50 hours and a post-test, and a “likely to succeed” result on the GED practice exam. These achievements earn the student a GED Ready voucher and GED/HiSet test voucher.

To date, 15 books have been picked up, and students are thrilled to have this valuable resource. Upon hearing about the goal program, one student commented to his advisor, “It’s so awesome you guys give an incentive. That gives us the push we need.”

The final goal, of course, is passing all subject exams and earning a high school diploma!
English Classes (ESL)
Kevin Boll’s ESL 3 students have been learning all about winter in the United States--reading about frostbite, hypothermia, and how to prepare for winter weather, all while watching a video with tips on driving in the snow. Students compared winter temperatures in various states using comparative and superlative adjectives and discussed how to stay warm. They also used vocabulary related to different winter sports. The lesson concluded with students writing a paragraph about the dangers of the winter season.  
Silvia Hildesheim’s ESL 2 students are using ESL Library to practice English outside of class. Students complete homework on ESL Library to strengthen reading, writing, and vocabulary skills. Additionally, a new class structure maximizes learning during class through projects or group activities and provides opportunities for individual practice at a time that suits each student.
Workforce Prep | Micro-Credentials
Micro-Credential: Direct Service Worker
Community Education’s micro-credential course, Direct Care Provider, provided training to 13 students this January and February. This six-week course designed for students who are interested in entry-level jobs in healthcare is open to both native speakers and English language learners. While receiving occupational training in healthcare, students also improve their adult basic education and workforce preparation skills. Instruction is given by both trainers from Community Services Group (CSG), a local healthcare organization, and an IU13 adult education instructor. 
Students are active learners during the class; they participate in small group work, engage in roleplays, increase their digital literacy skills, research and present information to the class, take weekly tests, and participate in discussions during presentations. “Even though the class is virtual, we are trying to make it as engaging as possible with break-out rooms and activities,” said Jill Neuman, IU13 instructor. “It has been so inspiring to see the level of commitment these students have to further their education and careers! They’re my heroes!”
The curriculum is comprehensive and allows students to take and pass the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services’ Direct Care Staff Person Competency Test during week five. The focus of week six is career exploration/goal setting as students will investigate several career options, participate in mock interviews, and attend a virtual CareerLink-sponsored Healthcare and Human Services Job Fair with potential employers in hopes of securing a job in the field. 
Lebanon Youth Program
Lebanon Youth:
Six Students Earn College Credits
In December 2020, six high schoolers in the Lebanon Youth Program successfully completed and passed the Harrisburg University/Nupaths Foundations of IT course, earning them two college credits. Three of those students also passed the CompTIA Fundamentals exam, earning a certification. 
The course focuses on the basics of computer hardware, software, mobile computing, networking, troubleshooting, and emerging technologies. Students learn about configuring operating systems, file and folder management, networks and network configuration, and the role of the OSI model in networking and troubleshooting. The course also includes an exploration of cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing and virtualization. 
The CompTIA IT Fundamentals exam focuses on the essential IT skills and knowledge needed to perform tasks such as using features and functions of common operating systems and establishing network connectivity, identifying common software applications and their purpose, and using security and web browsing best practices.  
The Lebanon Youth Program receives WIOA (Workforce Innovation Opportunities Act) and TANF funding from the state to provide qualified youth (ages 14-24) with educational training and employment opportunities. 
Refugee Center and Community School
Extra-Give RCCSR Gift Cards
Fifteen years ago during the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, a group of teachers at Reynolds Middle School (RMS) took note of students with the greatest needs and knew they wanted to help. That year, the teachers created a list of 40 students and started the Secret Angel Program. Items such as uniforms, socks, hats, scarves, mittens, toiletries, and a holiday gift were donated by community partners and delivered to students. Families were thrilled and thankful for the generosity and support. The following year, 100 students received a holiday gift bag. Last year, Reynolds was able to provide 141-holiday gift bags to students.  

This year, with the help of the Lancaster community, every student at Reynolds was provided with a holiday gift. The Rotary Club of Lancaster raised a grand total of $6,500. This donation, coupled with additional funds that the Refugee Center and Community School raised through the Extraordinary Give, provided a $20 gift card for every student at Reynolds Middle School (a total of $9,200). Staff and teachers visited students’ homes to wish them a happy holiday and surprise them with the present.

IU13 Community School at Reynolds wants to send a big THANK YOU to the Rotary Club, Extraordinary Give donors, staff, and teachers for the opportunity to put a smile on the faces of each one of our students this year.
Our Community
Racial Mindfulness

During the months of February and March, IU13 Community Education and Literacy Council staff have had the opportunity to join site-based book clubs to read “How to Be an Antiracist” by Ibram X. Kendi. The book clubs offer a safe place to explore what it means to be an antiracist and how to incorporate more antiracist practices into the community.

The groups are led by members of the newly formed Equity and Antiracism group and are just one of the many exciting initiatives that will take place in the coming months. Stay tuned for updates on these events in future newsletters.
Volunteer Opportunities

IU13 Community Education, The Literacy Learning & Success Centers, and the Refugee Center and Community School at Reynolds are all looking for volunteers.

Please visit our website to see how you can help.
Tim Talk
IU13 Community Education Program Director
Teacher Assistant Training
Black and white picture of Tim, who is smiling ear to ear.
In 2019, IU13 Special Education Services and local school districts were struggling to find enough paraeducators to fill positions. At the same time, IU13 Community Education was teaching English to individuals who were professional educators in their home countries but struggling to find meaningful employment. In response, the two IU13 programs developed a class for language learners interested in entering the field of education in the United States.

Since the launch of the first class in 2019, 14 Community Education students representing six different language groups were hired as educators in Lancaster and Lebanon counties. This partnership resulted in new educators joining the workforce, language learners getting their foot in the door with a professional career, and special education students gaining exposure to cultures from around the world.

Please see the infographic regarding the success of the program! With recent funding from the Lancaster Workforce Development Board, IU13 Community Education is planning to launch a new virtual class in April for students in Lancaster and Lebanon counties.

Please refer interested applicants to us!
Free* Classes, Resources,
Services, and Trainings
IU13 Community Education provides a wide variety of daytime and evening educational and supportive services to adults in Lancaster and Lebanon counties.

Click on the links below or call us at 717-606-1708 for more information.
English as a Second Language
GED | HiSET test prep classes
Must be a United States Permanent Resident (Green Card holder) to enroll in classes
ESL or HSE classes for parents of children between birth-3rd grade
ESL classes with civics instruction and placement into job training programs
Workforce Preparation Classes
Pre-LPN/TEAS Training
Administration Support Professional
Basic Computer Skills
Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA)
Direct Care Provider Certificate
Teacher Assistant (Special Education)
14-18 years old
16-24 years old
Services and Supports Include:
Paid Internships, Assistance in Seeking Employment, Training for Certification, Supportive Services, and more!
For more information please contact, or call 717-947-1180.
**Youth must meet income and eligibility requirements.
Services and Resources
Bilingual cultural navigators connect children and adults with social, educational, and medical services in the community
Using PA Standards-aligned lessons, high school students can build knowledge and understanding of the global refugee crisis
*IU13 Community Education classes and services provided directly by IU13 staff are free with limited exceptions. Additional services/tests provided by our partner providers may have costs. Please contact us with any questions.
Contact Information:
For more information about Community Education visit our website
or call
Lancaster 717-606-1708
Lebanon 717-450-1525

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