March 29, 2019
Community Event #3:
Planning in Action
Where: North Eugene High School, 200 Silver Lane
When: Sunday, April 7 th , open house 2:30-3 pm, workshop 3-5 pm or
Wednesday, April 10 th , open house 5:30-6 pm, workshop 6-8 pm
Who: Community members, including businesses and neighbors who care about the future of River Road and Santa Clara

Food and Activities for Children will be provided.
What will we do at the community event?
This community event is a chance to make sure the draft policies accurately reflect what we have heard from neighbors. At the event you will be able to float among tables that are all asking a different question related to draft policies. This structure means you can stay and dial into one specific question, or share your input on all the different topics that interest you! Neighbors will be able to weigh in on everything from transportation safety, to supporting local businesses, to protecting the Willamette Greenway.

We have a growing list of action items that neighbors have brainstormed to implement these draft policies. At the community event you can review and edit them in real-time, or suggest other action items to make our community vision a reality. We want to hear from everyone, whether you’ve been involved in this neighborhood plan since the beginning or are new to the process!

What's next for the neighborhood plan? How does this community event tie in?
Neighborhood volunteers started writing draft policies this past fall, and they have gone through many rounds of edits and review by by staff, neighbors and volunteers who sit on the various city and county boards and commissions. After all that work, we now have a set of draft policies to present to the larger community for feedback. This event marks the transition from policy writing to action planning. Further changes to the draft policies will be made based on the feedback we receive at this community event, and then we will move onto the concrete actions that will support each policy.

The outcome of our work together will be a neighborhood plan adopted by the City of Eugene and Lane County. The plan will address five main topic areas: land use planning, parks and natural resources, transportation, economic development, and community. This community event is a fun chance to mix, mingle, and provide your feedback on draft policies and actions within within all five of the topic areas. 
Come meet your neighbors and
help shape the future of your neighborhood!
River Road Corridor Study
The River Road Corridor Study is a subcomponent of the neighborhood plan. It is an opportunity to dive into the details of River Road and explore ways to implement the community vision along the corridor. We held our first workshop for the Corridor Study on February 11th-13th and are still collecting input on the designs and guiding principles that were presented at the workshop. Read the report below for an overview of the workshop, and take the survey to provide your input on the type of growth that you would like to see along River Road.